User Guide


Tracker” is a service that helps you track, analyze, optimize and manage campaigns on a single platform in real time.

TDS” stands for traffic distribution system.

Campaign” is a set of elements, such as traffic source parameters, domain, rules, distribution conditions, distribution rules, offer, and pre-landers.

Flow” is a specific targeting setting that can be applied to different campaigns.

Rule” is an element of a campaign or flow that includes distribution conditions and paths.

Distribution condition” is a parameter that pre-determines whether the traffic that corresponds to a given condition will go to the related offer.

Path” is a set of elements relating to a campaign or flow where traffic is sent to a single offer, or offer + landing page, or splitting of such elements.

Landing page” stands for a pre-lander (also known as LP/destination page/lead capture page) with the CTA button(s), which redirects a user to an offer (or target site) when being clicked upon.

Offer” represents the target site or an account link from your affiliate network.

Affiliate network” (AN) is a platform that provides offers.

Traffic source” is a platform which you buy traffic from or platform that you will use to drive traffic to the target site.

Token” stands for the parameters of the traffic source or the affiliate network, which transmit additional information about traffic or conversion.

Tracking ID” represents a traffic source parameter that can transmit the Click ID value of a given traffic source.

Token ID” is the affiliate network parameter, which can take the Click ID value of the tracker.

Daily cap” is the maximum number of conversions, after reaching which, traffic will be sent to another offer.

Impression” is display of a banner. You can monitor this data in the tracker provided that it is possible to place a tracking pixel on the side of the traffic source.

Visit” stands for one clickthrough of the campaign link.

Click” is a transition through a CTA button on a pre-lander. In case the campaign lacks a pre-lander, the number of clicks will be equal to the number of visits.

Conversion” is a targeted action paid out by the affiliate network in major cases.

Payout” is the amount you receive per conversion.

CTR” stands for click-through rate. It is displayed in statistics as the number of clicks divided by the number of visits.

Visit2Conversion” is conversions divided by visit and multiplied by 100%.

Click2Conversion” is CR - conversions divided by click and multiplied by 100%.

EPV” is earnings divided by the number of visits.

EPC” is earnings divided by the number of clicks.

Spend” is the amount spent on traffic.

Earnings” is the overall value of conversion payouts.

Profit” is a measure of the campaigns’ profitability, standing for the difference between revenue and costs.

ROI” is calculated as (Revenue - Costs) / Costs * 100%.

VLH” is the number of visits in the last full hour.

CLH” is the number of clicks for the last full hour.

СvLH” is the number of conversions in the last full hour.

ELH” is earnings for the last full hour.

LCT” is the time of the last conversion for the selected period. For example: 2017-07-17 22:00:00.