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Bonus A hot approach for promotion
Leadbit is an international multi-vertical affiliate network with exclusives and WW offers in Gambling, Dating / Adult, Finance, Nutra, Sweepstakes verticals. Ping @leadbit_manager and say, that you came from ADSBRIDGE and get a hot approach for promotion!


Bonus +20% to the first payout
OfferGate is the CPA-network with daily payments and strong analytics. Assisting in traffic monetization from any source.


Bonus +$2 to the base rate
LuckyOnline is the CPA network with unique offers, one of the highest payouts and a stable approval rate.


Bonus VIP conditions
IKON CPA is a direct advertiser in Asia. The company provides call centers with native speakers, own offers, high payouts, support 24/7.


Discount 50% annual tariff
BroLeads is the international affiliate network with own-made products and Spain and Portugal logistics. Use promo BroLeads25 for 25% discount.


Bonus Ideal for newbies
M4leads is call centers and products under own brand with maximum rates and approval guarantee.


Bonus In-house promo materials
TerraLeads is a direct advertiser of WhiteHat and Nutra offers in such categories as beauty, diet, health, and adult.


Discount 10% off any package
Affbank is a marketplace for affiliate marketers. The community that will get together publishers and advertisers and will help them find each other.


Bonus A hot approach for promotion
Leadbit Gambling is an international CPA network for promotion 150+ gambling offers on the best terms. Ping @leadbit_manager and say, that you came from AdsBridge and get a hot approach for promotion!


Bonus +$25 to the bet on Tier-1 GEOs
Aivix is a major affiliate program, direct advertiser in the field of crypto and finance.


Bonus Increased payout %
Traffic Company is a CPA network with inhouse offers and exclusive offers from partners.


Bonus 2000+ active offers
Alfaleads is an international Performance Marketing Agency that works with iGaming, Sports, Dating, Sweepstakes, Games, Apps and other verticals.


Bonus 10% bump on 3 exclusive offers
Affmy is an international affiliate network with a great set of exclusive dating offers and premium traffic.


Bonus +10% to the first payment
Adtrafico is the best choice for mediabuyers.


Bonus For partners sending SMS to customers through Click2Money service around the world is completely free.
Click2Money is a private affiliate network focused on verticals: Gambling, Betting, Dating and Finance.


Bonus $250 Cash Bonus
Top Nutra Offers - Better Than Affiliate Networks. Get $250 Cash Bonus when you hit your 1st $1,000 in affiliate revenue, for all AdsBridge customers. *New pubs only.


Bonus +$250 for the first $1000 earned
Offerleader is one of the fastest-growing affiliate networks based on CPA-model. Clear focus on nutra and gambling niches allows us to create offers with insane market fit and provide a rich variety of benefits to our affiliates. Get $250 cash bonus for the first $1000 earned. The offers is for new publishers only.


Bonus +50$ to your first balance deposit from 200$
EvaDav is a native advertising network, providing native advertising and push notifications and popunder ads.


Discount 10% lifetime
PPCmate is a programmatic ad exchange platform and offers push, display, native, pop, interstitial and video advertising formats on a scale. The goal is to deliver the best-performing ad placements on the best-performing websites and apps. They provide advertisers and agencies 100% full transparency and a brand-safe advertising environment.


Bonus 10% for the first deposit
RichPush is the high-quality push traffic ad network.


Bonus 17% for the first deposit
RichPops is a high-quality pop traffic ad network launched by the founders of RichPush, one of the most well-known push ads networks.


Bonus 20% for the first deposit
ByMyAds is an advertising network with high-quality push, native and popunder traffic.


Bonus 25% for the first deposit from $1000
MGID is a global award-winning innovative pioneer in native advertising that drives revenue growth for all participants of the ecosystem.


Bonus +20$/10% for the first deposit
Clickadu is a digital advertising network with a multi-format inventory to choose from. Get +$20 for more than $100 deposit or 10% for more than $300 deposit.


Bonus Adult and mainstream WW traffic
PopCash is a popunder ads network working entirely on a CPM basis. On the platform you can buy or sell traffic.


Bonus 10% to the first deposit
Adnium is a leading ad network providing advertisers with all the tools and premium traffic sources they require and want. Maximum bonus is $100.


Bonus $50 credit
BidVertiser offers targeted self-serve advertising solution for advertisers and agencies while helping publishers to make money from their website.


Bonus 15$ to the first deposit/withdrawal
ADxAD is Ad network, that works in the Adult niche and proposes English, Russian, Chinese speaking support. Use promo ADxBRIDGE and get +15$ to your 1st deposit or BRIDGExAD to add +15$ to your 1st withdrawal


Bonus 5% for the first deposit from $100
ClickAdilla is the best way to get effective traffic at lower prices, through targeting options and user-friendly interface to manage all your campaigns.


Bonus Focused on performance and conversions
Noviclick is a Worldwide High Quality Pop and Push traffic with an Advanced Fraud Filter System to detect bot traffic.


Bonus The best mobile advertising network according to Affbank
Dao Ad is a unique conversion and monetization platform for push-notifications.

Bonus 50 billion impressions is an advertising network which provides one of the highest quality traffic in the market with the biggest targeting options pack.


Bonus Get $50 as a bonus for a $300 deposit
Adoperator - convenient self-serve DSP for advertisers and affiliate marketers. Launch the campaign and make a profit in a few minutes.


Discount up to 32%
AdPlexity is a spy-tool that stands out from the rest of the tools through the largest coverage by countries, number of traffic sources, affiliate networks, and ad formats.


Discount 30% for the first month payment for any tariff
SpyOver is a tool for monitoring and analysis native and push ads.


Discount 30% for the first month payment for any tariff
Spyteg is a tool for monitoring and analysis adult advertising.


Discount 20% of first month VPS using
FriendHosting provides every client of ours with the high-quality hosting services at a reasonable price. Use promo 'wdedic' for 10% discount on first month dedicated server using.

Discount 15% on your first purchase at BigDaddy is the fastest self-installation, the cheapest and most convenient mobile proxies in the world!


Discount 10% on the first order
Airsocks is an online private dynamic mobile proxy service.


Bonus FREE account
LanderLab is an easy-to-use landing page builder that helps you create landing pages with just a few clicks. It comes with everything you need in one box.


Bonus 69% for the first month
TheOptimizer is #1 automatic optimization & campaign management platform. Integrated to all major Native, Pop, Push and Adult display traffic networks


Discount 20% on the first invoice/montly subscription
FraudScore - an independent ad fraud detection and prevention tool that works with both mobile and web traffic.


Bonus Free proxy test
Residential proxy-network ASTROPROXY – mobile, datacenter, residential proxies for your business.


Bonus Exclusive offers
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