User Guide

Create notification rule

In this section, you may create a rule, in accordance with which our system will send you notifications.

“Group”  – You may select either a specific group of campaigns, or all groups.

“Campaign” – You will need to choose a particular campaign here.

“Name” – This is the name of the rule, and it is a required field.

“Notification” – Choose the method of notification you would like. By default, all notifications are linked to the email address of your account + Notification logs.

“Period” – You may choose the frequency of notification. You may choose: hour, day, week, month.

In order to add specific conditions for notifications, you need to click on the “Add condition” button.


Now let’s take a look at the “Conditions” block:

“Metric” – here you can select the desired value for which you would like to receive notifications from the drop-down list. The following options are available: visits, clicks, conversions, EPV, EPC.

“If” – Select one of the “If” options, according to which the campaign metric will be compared with the entered number in the “Value” field. You can choose the options “More or equal”, “Less or equal”, “More”, “Less”, “Equal”.

“Value” – in this field you need to specify the value with which the campaign metric will be compared.

You can add several conditions. To delete a condition, you need to click on the “Delete condition” icon next to the value entry field.

After saving, the rule will be available on the “Manage notifications” page.

You can create an unlimited number of rules for notifications.