User Guide

Create role

This page is meant for creating a role that may be later assigned to an added user. In order to start the set-up process, go to “Create role” subsection within the “Administration” section.


Name” is a required field.

Options “Check All” / “Uncheck” allow you to check or uncheck all the checkboxes at once.


Available features:

1) “Campaigns”

– View campaigns (the ability to preview the list of campaigns)

– Create & edit campaigns

– Copy campaigns

– Archive campaigns


2) “Flows”

– View flows (the ability to preview the list of flows)

– Create & edit flows

– Copy flows

– Archive flows


3) “Traffic sources”

– View traffic sources (the ability to preview the list of traffic sources)

– Create & edit traffic sources

– Copy traffic sources

– Archive traffic sources


4) “Affiliate networks”

– View affiliate networks (the ability to preview the list of affiliate networks)

– Create & edit affiliate networks

– Copy affiliate networks

– Archive affiliate networks


5) “Offers”

– View offers (the ability to preview the list of offers)

– Create & edit offers

– Copy offers

– Archive offers

– View URLs


6) “Landing pages”

– View landing pages (the ability to preview the list of landing pages)

– Create & edit landing pages

– Copy landing pages

– Archive landing pages


7) “Domains”

– View domains (the ability to preview the list of domains)

– Create & edit domains

– Archive domains


8) “Statistics”

– View statistics (the ability to preview stats within the “Statistics” section; otherwise, the added user with this role won’t have the “Statistics” section)


9) “Notifications”

– View notifications

– Create & edit notifications

– Delete notifications

– View notification logs

– Delete notification logs


10) “My account”

– View account info (in the user menu)

– Edit account info

– Create & edit connected accounts (for integrated affiliate networks)


11) “Notes”

– View note

– Create & edit note

– Delete note