November 18, 2015

AdsBridge – Affiliate Campaign Management and Costs Breakdown

 As affiliate marketers, nothing is more important than increasing your bottom line and protecting your profit margins. While most entrepreneurs and marketers will immediately think they need to drive more traffic and push more leads to increase their revenue, there’s actually a better way. The method we are speaking of, is to simply better manage your costs and have total control over your ad campaigns.

This is something we at AdsBridge have put a lot of time, work and effort into — which is making our landing page builder and tracking platform affordable for affiliate marketers of all sizes, while also teaching affiliates how to make more money in the process.

In the world of online marketing, it’s easy to send someone to your customer signup page and show them your rates for membership access, but we actually wanted to break this down a level deeper and show you how properly managing your costs and effectively managing your ad campaigns can do so much more.

AdsBridge is a Powerful Tracking Solution Catered Towards Everyoneaffiliate 1

As an online marketer, you have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to campaign management and tracking. However, when trying to setup the right tracking for your campaigns and budget, it can start to get confusing and quite frustrating.

One of the most frustrating aspects of setting up your own tracking platform, is actually “setting it up”! This is why AdsBridge was built from the ground up and catered to the needs of affiliate and online marketers everywhere. As a user of AdsBridge, you will never need to download or install software, setup private domains, hosting or ever need to touch a line of code. We’ve spent years on all the backend and technical work, so you don’t have to.

In short, once you sign up — you are good to go!

However, that’s not all! As a AdsBridge user, you also gain access to the following benefits and features:

  • Powerful built-in landing page creation and editing tool
  • Full stats tracking platform with built in split-testing
  • Competitive pricing based on legitimate visits and not clicks or conversions
  • Real time stats, secure cloud hosting and dedicated support team

In addition to the many benefits listed above, we also wanted to break down our new membership structure that works for affiliates, businesses and brands of all sizes. Whether you are just starting with affiliate marketing for the first time, or manage millions of dollars in daily ad spend — you will find a perfect plan for your marketing efforts and budget.

Our New Pricing Structure

As mentioned earlier, when it comes to choosing the right landing page builder and stats tracking solution, you have a lot of options. However, with these other options you are also limited on how much you can do and will likely have to order additional services or software to accomplish what AdsBridge has packaged together in their all-in-one solution.

AdsBridge was created to be a “serious product for serious companies”, yet also have the functionality and pricing to cater to even the smallest affiliate marketers as well. This was done because we know the value in catering to audiences of all sizes, while helping them further scale their business at the same time.

Our Basic ($0/m) and Starter ($19/m) plans are great solutions for new affiliate marketers that want to discover how much of a difference landing pages and stats tracking can be to the success of their ad campaigns. While our Business ($359/m) and Enterprise ($699/m) solutions are in place for even the largest affiliates and brands to scale and grow their business over time.

Our most popular member level is the “Professional” plan, which is $79 per month and gives access to custom notifications, automatic campaign optimization, mulit-user access, affiliate network integration and more. There is no doubt that AdsBridge will help you earn more money with affiliate marketing campaigns, and the cost to cover monthly access through the Professional plan breaks down to just $2.6 per day!

You can see a full rundown of our membership levels and pricing in the screenshot below.

affiliate 2

It’s also important to note that AdsBridge users can save up to 20% off when they upgrade their account to annual billing. For most of our affiliates and members, this is a no-brainer as it will increase your profit margin and secure your tracking solution for months to come.
affiliate 3

How AdsBridge Can Make You Money

Aside from talking about the new pricing structure in place at AdsBridge, we also wanted to show you how our tracking platform can save and make you money as well.

As mentioned earlier, the best way to make ‘more’ money from your affiliate campaigns, is to monitor your spending, but to really improve your earnings you need to make sure you are tracking every aspect of your campaign.

Through the use of our powerful landing page editor and tracking platform, there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t be able to improve your volume, conversions and profits across all of your existing ad campaigns. A perfect example of how AdsBridge can help you make more money with your ad campaigns can be seen below.

  • Weekly Average Clicks from Campaign: 1,000
  • Current Conversion Rate of 4% at a $5 CPA
  • 40 leads ($200 in revenue)

With only a 1% increase in your conversion you are looking at a 25% increase in actual leads, conversions and profit across your campaigns. This really shouldn’t be a problem at all after implementing our powerful pixel tracking, split testing and advanced management area. Click here to see real examples of how split testing can dramatically increase your conversions and ROI.

Now let’s take a look at your potential numbers after going from a 4% to a 5% increase in conversions

  • Weekly Average Clicks from Campaign: 1,000
  • Current Conversion Rate of 5% at a $5 CPA
  • 50 leads ($250 in revenue)

This is just an example, but if you were to have a campaign like the one above, and where able to increase your conversion rate from 4% to 5%, you would be looking at 25% increase in profit, while keeping your ad costs at the same amount. This could result in an extra $200+ per month just off this one campaign.

Ready for the kicker? Access to AdsBridge is a mere fraction of that, at only $19 per month for 100,000 clicks or $79 a month for up to 1,000,000 clicks !

In short, affiliate marketers and ad agencies simply can’t afford to not take the opportunity available through AdsBridge. Not only will our powerful set of tools help you better manage your ad campaigns, but you will also see increase in conversions and profits when putting all of our advanced features into action.

How to Get Started with AdsBridge Today

There has never been a better time for you to take total control over your ad campaigns — both on a creative and tracking level. With AdsBridge you will only pay for the tracking of ‘real visits’ to your sites and ad campaigns, not ‘clicks’ — which is something many other ad tracking platforms simply can’t promise.

Right now is also a great time to get started with your AdsBridge account, as our new pricing for big market players goes into effect on September 23rd. Create your AdsBridge account today to lock in your membership prices before they increase for good!

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