July 30, 2015

Five Steps to Going Live with Your First Affiliate Campaign

Every day thousands of people are getting online for the first time, and whether they are just browsing the internet or looking for something to buy — they are doing this for the first time. The same holds true for individuals who are already active on the internet, but getting started with affiliate marketing for the first time. It can be quite overwhelming to actually get started with your first campaign, so in this article we are going to break down five simple steps to not only help you get live with an ad campaign today, but also to help you find profitability at a faster pace.

Find an Offer or Niche to Promote

Before going live with your ad campaign, you are first going to want to spend some time on finding a product, service or niche to promote. Don’t choose a niche simply because others are making a lot of money with it. Instead, go after a niche market that is potentially less competitive and allows more of an opportunity for newer affiliates to find success without the need to invest a lot of money in the beginning phases.

A few ideas for smaller niche markets when first starting out are “how to create bird houses”, “sports jump training”, “how to improve a 350 credit score” and “how to stop ringing in ears”. While each of these may seem odd, thousands of people are searching for these keywords every day — and there are also relevant affiliate programs and digital based products out there that you could be promoting and earning money from.

If you are still in training and want to learn more about how to effectively make money online, be sure to read our affiliate marketing guide.

Create a Landing Page for Your Campaign

Once you’ve found an offer to promote, it’s time for you to create a landing page to go along with it. A landing page is the best way for you to promote an affiliate offer, as it’s a pre-sales page and allows you to push traffic to your affiliate offer without direct linking. A landing page is required for many traffic methods such as Facebook Ads, search marketing and media buys. To learn more about when and when not to use direct linking or landing pages, you can click here.

visual editor

When creating your landing page, this can easily be done through the AdsBridge landing page builder. You can choose from any of our existing templates or start from scratch and build one of your own. The best thing about using AdsBridge to create your landing pages is that you don’t need to touch any coding and can also implement tracking and split testing in the process.

To learn more about the best optimization tips when building your landing page, click here.

Setup Your Campaign Tracking

With your landing page now in place, it’s time to setup your campaign tracking so you can analyze and improve the performance of traffic hitting your page. After building your landing page within AdsBridge, you can flip over to our advanced tracking section where you can then setup your pixel tracking and have the ability to see how many people are visiting your landing page, clicking on different areas of the page and most importantly, converting into a lead.

AdsBridge provides all of our users with access our powerful features which includes real time stats, web and mobile tracking and our complete flexible reporting system. Such access gives affiliate marketers the ability to measure and optimize all aspects of their campaigns, thus giving them the ability to weed out bad traffic sources or make improvements to their landing page with just a few clicks of button. The AdsBridge tracking platform also allows for many different types of tracking methods, such as S2S postback URL, image pixel, iframe pixel and javascript pixel.

By knowing when, where and why people are converting on your landing page, you can continually tweak and improve your conversions over time through the use of our built-in split testing function.


Split Testing Your Landing Page

Split testing is one of the most important factors when building out your own landing pages and ad campaigns. It’s not just about building ad campaigns and throwing money at them to keep the traffic flowing, it’s about optimizing and split testing ad copy and data so you can continually see positive results over the life of your campaign.

For example, the colors being used on your landing page can play a huge part on how your audience feels when they get to your landing page. A simple button color change from green to orange can swing conversions by a few percentage points, which could result in thousands of dollars in profit over the life of your ad campaign.

In addition to being able to easily setup split testing and tracking within AdBridge’s platform, you can also put our automatic campaign optimization to work and let the system do the work for you.

split testing your landin gpage

Optimize and Scale!

The last part of the process is to look at everything you should now have in place and to continue with optimization and scaling your campaign over time. The goal here is to build a campaign that has the foundation for success, but also the tools and reporting behind it to allow you to find and stay profitable.

global report

We all know that not every affiliate campaign is going to be a success, but through the tools and advanced features within AdsBridge, we give you that much needed advantage in a very competitive industry. There is no secret formula for finding success with affiliate marketing on the internet, it’s simply the ability to create ad campaigns, target the right audience and optimizing your campaigns until they find profitability — all of which are built into the AdsBridge tracking platform.

If you are still sitting on the sidelines and don’t have access to your own AdsBridge tracking account, click here to setup your free trial and start earning more with your affiliate campaigns today!

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