June 05, 2015

TOP benefits you get when choosing AdsBridge

Today managers world-wide rise questions like: what tracking system to use, is there anything to combine all marketing tools in one powerful solution, how to increase conversions, what features to use to run a profitable campaign, how to distribute traffic, and a bunch more from the list. Well, you can google it up (or otherwise, drop a request in the search of your choice) and check what pop-ups first. Don’t be surprised to see the overload of information coming up to attack you with the win-win offers stating that your best choice is right here in a single click (we both know how it works, eh?). But who guarantees that the results on the first page are truly better than the ones you find on, let’s say, fifteenth page. Shall it be a blind exercise? Our guess is that a good marketing specialist should stake on technology that not just simplifies the work process, but makes it effective and winning.
So, you’re welcome to meet AdsBridge!

1. AdsBridge – it’s handy and secure

We are a SaaS tracking software and despite of some criticism that may arise from skeptics this model is more than just handy. It offers dozens of crucial benefits you might want to keep in mind when making your choice – there are no downloads, no additional settings, no extra spending on servers/hosting, and no troubles at scaling campaigns. Leave it all to AdsBridge! The system is absolutely safe as the whole traffic and information goes through secure channels. A quick and easy registration and you’re all set and ready to create your first campaign with AdsBridge right in your browser. Could it be any better? Of course, read on…


2. System benefits

Currently we have 5 data centers located around the world which means we are as close as possible to various traffic sources and have a high-speed DNS to provide fast redirects. This, without a doubt, serves an advantage for your marketing campaign. At the same time, we should mention a flexible and precise traffic distribution system (or TDS) with more than fifteen target rules (and that’s something you’d really appreciate along the way). Follow up…

3. User benefits

When you start working with AdsBridge, you get a default domain with an option to add an unlimited number of custom domains to your account. If you represent a team of specialist this is what you’ll definitely like: AdsBridge enables the setting of multi-access and roles with individual permits on viewing/editing any data under one account. Heading over to some details, shall we?

3 manage users

4. Functional benefits

In comparison with other trackers, one of the leading AdsBridge’s advantages is a landing page builder with a visual built in editor (drag-n-drop or HTML). You can create your own landers or use a huge library of ready-to-use templates that are constantly updated. A great stuff, don’t you think? Leave out the worries about the storage, hosting or additional connection of a CDN provider, AdsBridge does it all for you.
Another key thing to take aboard… When using landing pages hosted on our side, the speed of redirects and downloading essentially increase, and that’s to say: a crucial factor for your marketing campaign!

Now, there is an amazing reporting system to help you monitor and evaluate the real state and effectiveness of your marketing by campaigns, offers, traffic sources, affiliate networks, and landing pages as well. You actually can follow up the unique visits, clicks and conversions in real time and respond to changes instantly. How cool is that? Oh, almost forgot, your statistic, whether it’s your profit, payouts or other costs, can be viewed in any currency you choose. Sounds useful? Hold on a bit, we’ve got more to excite you!

5 global report

AdsBridge enables the setting of alert messages and email or SMS notifications, hiding referrals, integration with affiliate networks, ability to set the daily limit on conversions and other filters, sorting, reports that you won’t just like, but definitely will use.
It’s great to see you’ve read up to here (which means that you’re ready to create successful campaigns, plus we’ve got something you’d love to hear in the end…)

sms alerts

5. Pricing – simple and competitive

Our company gives everyone a chance to test the AdsBridge technology within the scope of a Basic subscription (up to 100k visits) for FREE, and the good news is that the functionality is not limited! We want you to have an insider’s look and try all benefits on practice before your make your final decision. While using AdsBridge, you can choose a subscription that suits your needs: Basic (up to 100K visits for free), Starter (for newbies with small amount of traffic), and Professional (for professionals with amount of traffic up to 1M visits).
And here comes the dessert… Unlike other SaaS trackers, we do not charge for clicks or conversion, only visits are counted (just think of it!).


Try AdsBridge today, come to tweak with the system, test it and make the right choice!
Good luck.

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