February 21, 2017

Moscow is Calling!

The new ‘sleeping giant’ (or to be more culturally appropriate, the ‘sleeping bear’) of affiliate marketing is Russia, plain and simple.  Russian affiliates have gained steamed recently, and have brought attention to the affiliate marketing in Russia as a whole. This attention has become so great that there will even be an English-language affiliate event hosted in Moscow on March 30th, 2017 – The Moscow Affiliate 2017 Event!  We’ll be there at booth #P1 !

While the event will only last one day, we strongly suggest you take this opportunity to stay the weekend in Russia’s capital, and see a part of the world few ever have the chance to! Here’s a list of Moscow’s top seven must-see attractions from the AdsBridge Research Team to make your stay a little easier!

Red Square


A grandiose public square situated at the very heart of the Russian capital where many of Moscow’s most famous landmarks are located. The first thing you may notice is that the ‘Red’ Square is not red. Many believe that the word ‘red’ somehow is a nod to the Soviet Union, but the history reaches far beyond the October Revolution of 1917. The Russian word for ‘red’ was synonymous with the word for ‘beautiful’, and only in modern Russian did the meaning change to simple reflect color.  You can visit the prestigious central shopping mall, or even visit Lenin’s tomb!

The Moscow Kremlin


The seat of Russian power, and the place of residence for Russia’s presidents was ‘founded’ far back in the 14th century. The current walls of the Kremlin, built by Italian designers from 1485-1495, enclose an area of about 90 acres. Within them stand five palaces, four cathedrals, and even a helipad!  

Gorky Park


You may call it the Russian version of NYC’s Central Park, but the official name of this top Moscow destination is The Central Park of Rest and Culture Named After M. Gorky. Founded in 1928, this park paved way for an era of park construction across the former Soviet Union. It’s full of fun things to see and do, as well as great places to eat!

Museum of the Great Patriotic War (WWII)


You cannot visit Moscow without going to this museum. Opened to public view in May of 1995, this museum gives visitors a deep understanding of what the Soviet Union suffered through during and after the Second World War. It’s a heavy experience, but it’s worth it nonetheless.

Moscow State University

Not only will you get to experience the grand Stalin-style design of the building, but also enjoy a leisurely walk through the garden situated right outside. This is the top university in Russia, and only the best of the best are able to attend here. If you stand on the stairs with your back to the building, you’ll see a beautiful scene with fountains and carefully attended gardens. At the end of this garden there is a great view of central Moscow from Sparrow Hills where you can, if you have the eye, pick out some of the ‘seven sisters’ churches.

Moscow Metro System


 This very general title gets a place on the list because the entire Moscow Metro system is simply a museum. I urge you to get off at any stop the looks interesting and take a look around! There are murals, expeditions, art pieces, and that’s not to mention the awe-inspiring chandeliers! Each station is unique, and presents a separate time in Russia’s long history. From old white marble to stainless steel, the Moscow Metro is a landmark in its own right.

Moscow Museum of Modern Art


You’ll see so much history in Moscow that it’ll be refreshing to see some modern art. This highly rated museum is one of Moscow’s best. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so I’ll withhold my personal comments on the art itself, but I can say that it is impressive!

Moscow is the epicenter of Russian power, economics, and change. The history is seemingly endless, and there is so much to see. I personally suggest a guided tour, but with the list above, you may not need one!

Have a wonderful time in Russia at the Moscow Affiliate Event 2017!

Sign up for a meetup with the AdsBridge Team at booth #P1 here!

Do Vstrechi (until we meet – in Russian) !

-Your AdsBridge Team   

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