When user is taking to different environments while following one link it seems like a new experience. For example, when you click on a link which is supposed to move you to some app, but you haven’t uploaded it yet. This tends to be broken action, because you will be stuck with further steps and your click is left with no respond. Sounds awful, isn’t it?! Nevertheless, this process might be performed on the other more successful way. User clicks on smartlink, which will move him either to the app or alternative root, for example browser or app store.

Smartlink contributes incoming traffic between possible further steps in order to let each user perform his action. Such automatic distribution allows to choose the best offer defined by optimization type. So, if one URL offers you several roots depending on future actions and surely permissions, this link is called Smartlink.

What is Smartlink

The process of creating Smartlink requires set of specific rules what should be done on some environment. One rule explains the set of actions from user and where he should be redirected. For example, in order to create desktop rule, you need to define which web URL to open. Mobile rule is a bit different, because it is closely connected with installed app. It should be clearly defined normal and fallback behavior to determine what has happened and what should we do next. That’s why if user has installed app, he will be redirected directly there. If not, the the fallback method is initiated and moved user to the App Store or Play Market to upload it.

How the Smartlink from AdsBridge works

Smartlink from AdsBridge is a complex tool to work with affiliate networks and help to simplify working process, rise effectiveness and provide the work automation. The need to search new offers is now becoming useless because of ready made solution.

Here is the general flow of Smartlink work on AdsBridge:

  • attract affiliates;
  • everyone receives one link to redirect traffic there. They don’t need to spend time on creation offers, setting paths and rules. The logic is much more simple. All traffic is directed to this link and that’s all.
  • Smartlink system will analyze every users click afterwards and redirect him on required offer to perform conversion.

With the use of unique technology called «White-Label Publisher Interface» you are able to create own Smart-Link platform with appropriate interface and unique design.

As the advantage, you will be able to gather a huge amount of arbitrage network, manage it and broaden its horizons.

Despite above-mentioned profit let’s consider the main advantages of Smartlink:

  • There is only one link to redirect traffic instead of several;
  • Save time and money on A/B testing. Smartlink allows to work immediately without additional settings of offers and testing its performance;
  • Stable system which will redirect your traffic to required offer even if your target offer stopped working or got stuck with error;
  • Smartlink from AdsBridge allows to distribute traffic accurately. Real time data stats shows the best offers which are on the top popularity and bring the main income.
  • Give your customers maximum income and pleasure from working with traffic distribution system. As the advantage, you will get percentage profit for traffic monetization.
  • Manage and track your traffic with AdsBridge. We are constantly adding new features in order to raise your campaign effectiveness.
  • Sincerely yours AdsBridge!
  • Optimize ad campaigns and get maximum profit with AdsBridge!

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