January 09, 2017

Pay Attention to These Trends!

Now that New Year’s Day has passed, it’s time to begin thinking and planning for this year ahead. What’s trending, you ask? The AdsBridge Research Team has the answers! We’ve written some helpful tips below, and hope that they’re beneficial to you in 2017!

Quick consumption:

In the world of Snapchat’s 10-second design, a new generation of social media is beginning to make serious ground. This form of social communication is fast, and it isn’t saved. This has huge implications for the marketing world, as the field is now needing to adapt to the rapid rate of consumption. Keep your content short, and keep it constant.

Interaction-based Content:


Taking the BuzzFeed example, with their hundreds of quizzes and puzzles, users are encouraged to interact with their content. This model can and should be applied across other platforms, as its potential is very promising.

Mobile. Video.


We cannot stress this one enough. All you have to do is look at the stats. Mobile video streaming surpassed desktop traffic all of 2016, and the trend isn’t changing simply because the year has. Make sure your content is mobile-friendly or even mobile-exclusive, because it will be sure to pay off in 2017.

Live Streaming & Influencers:


Live streaming has been very popular lately, and Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube have all implemented the feature and promoted it significantly. We not only expect this to be big in 2017, but for it to combine with social media influencer marketing. Seeing as we are always in touch with social media, there is sure to be an audience for influencers to live-stream to. Getting your content or product into that live stream will be a goal to aim for this year.

Virtual Reality and 360 Video:


These are separate, but common trends that will be relevant this year. Immersion and interaction have become a part of the consumer experience, and implementing them into your content will be sure to produce results.

Native Advertising:


This has been around for awhile now, but blending your content in with users’ news feeds is becoming more and more useful. It’s not just Facebook anymore, but Snapchat and Instagram. Due to the quickly evolving nature of social media, native advertisements are bound to change as well. Check out a great guide by Charles Ngo on getting started with Native Ads here!  

Personalization and Purpose:

Stand out of a crowd
Stand out of a crowd

Creating and promoting content that directly relates to users is turning out to be quite the trend. People like when a story makes them feel good, and therefore combining these two methods will be very beneficial in the year ahead.


2017 is all about short, sweet, and to the point. Keeping up with the speed of technology and social media is key this year.

We encourage you to implement these methods so that your year is as successful as possible!


Good luck!


-The AdsBridge Research Team

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