Tracker & TDS

Launch winning ad campaigns in minutes and maximize your revenue using our groundbreaking tracking technology. Monetize your traffic effectively and track costs across all channels.
One single platform to manage and optimize all ad campaigns. Collect vast volumes of rich click-forward data, stay in control of your traffic, and easily scale business.
Create and customize multivariable performance reports in real time. Split-test creatives and determine which digital outlet is showing the best results based on key performance indicators.
Elevate the performance of your marketing campaigns with secure and flexible SaaS platform. Save time and money on massive traffic amounts optimization.
  • 7 Data Centers Worldwide

    Highly scalable, flexible DNS servers infrastructure based on AWS will deliver your traffic via the shortest routes ensuring hyper-fast redirects and the lowest click loss.
  • 160+ Countries

    AdsBridge has a global coverage. We are proud to provide best technology services for the top affiliate marketers and media buyers across 160 countries on six continents.
  • 100+ Integrated Networks

    Hundreds of affiliate networks could be reached with 1 click setup. Your postback parameters will be substituted automatically and established on affiliate network side.
  • 4+ Years of Experience

    We deliver top-notch tracking features, making sure that you get your hands on everything needed to boost your ROI.