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What is a link tracking?

Link tracking is generally used in marketing to monitor and determine the effectiveness of marketing promotions and advertising campaigns. That’s to say: link tracking means tracking the number of clicks and conversions.

What links can be tracked:

  • links to websites
  • links set in emails
  • links in messages and posts on social networks
  • links related to ads and banners (PPC)
  • links installed on various traffic sources

Without tracking links, it is impossible to determine where the traffic is coming from and where it goes as well as the effectiveness of certain traffic sources and ad itself. Link tracking is implemented using a special tool. Affiliate software like AdsBridge is an excellent link tracker for solving these problems.

Affiliate link tracking features

When working with affiliate networks or individual offers directly, it still important to track links. Affiliate link tracking is the tracking of offer links.

If you use several affiliate networks or individual offers, there might be difficulties with tracking links and performance. AdsBridge has a functionality that collects everything in one place, on one platform and as a result, brings it all together in one general statistics.

You just need to create offers in your account and use them. You can add offers from different affiliate networks to one campaign, and this way, test them, distribute traffic by certain rules and conditions.

Statistics on offers can be viewed as general, i.e. on all offers, where offers are compared by some specific parameters, or you can also view statistics on a particular offer. It is possible to view offers by a separate affiliate network too. This helps to determine which offer from which affiliate network brings more conversions.

Thus, the AdsBridge link tracker is the best tracking solution!

How does the link tracking works on AdsBridge?

On AdsBridge, the URL tracking works as follows:

  1. You create a campaign in which you set the needed traffic distribution rules, parameters you want to pass and receive, and add landing pages and offers.
  2. After creation, AdsBridge automatically generated a campaign URL that you need to copy.
  3. A copied URL must be added to the traffic source (a banner, website, ad, etc.).

AdsBridge not only tracks the number of clicks by links but also allows you to transfer parameters from traffic sources to the tracker and even to the side of an offer and affiliate network.

When clicking on a campaign link, all data is recorded in AdsBridge statistics. Later on, these data can be analyzed, compared and used for evaluating the ad performance and traffic.

The click tracking on your own website lets you optimize it to attract more relevant traffic, increase efficiency and conversions. On AdsBridge, you can also split test landing pages and offers, which will also positively affect the performance. To use AdsBridge for your own website, you need to:

  • Create a campaign on AdsBridge
  • Add your website to a distribution rule in a campaign
  • Add a campaign URL to the traffic source (i.e. ad, banner, social post, etc.)

When clicking on the link of this campaign, a user will be taken to your site, but all the data will be recorded in AdsBridge statistics.

With AdsBridge affiliate software, the link tracking is done online, you don’t need to install additional software since AdsBridge is a cloud platform.

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