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  • What is Anti-fraud?

    Anti-fraud from AdsBridge is a technology which allows defining fraudful visits/clicks/ conversions in real-time.

    This complex algorithm is based on artificial intelligence. This technology analyses traffic following several metrics in common, otherwise other trackers follow only one. For example, if the visit was under VPN, then it will count as the fraud only when other more metrics also show a high probability of this event as a fraud.

  • Metrics to check the fraud traffic on AdsBridge:

    • Frequent events
    • Data centered
    • Fake timezone
    • Misleading language
    • Unrecognized devices
    • Fast clickers
    • Library robots
    • Unrecognized user agent
    • Without referer
    • Unsupported OS versions
  • Why do you need to use Anti-fraud from AdsBridge

    • Complex quality analysis by 10 metrics;
    • Spends optimization after revealing low-quality traffic;
    • Time-saving on manual traffic analysis of each parameter;
    • No need to add additional tools. Tracker, TDS and anti-fraud are gathered in one place;
    • More exact bot filter setting based on clearer information.
  • How to use anti-fraud

    So long as you are cognizant of the Anti-Fraud option, determined on keeping your eagle eye on your account, and have implemented proactive click fraud prevention measures, you’ll be in sound shape!

    Bots and competitors may be surfing around your ads and clicking it. Click Fraud may cause serious damage to your business since invalid click activity takes place instead of getting pure ROI from organic engagement. Statistics show that one of four clicks is click fraud.

    Anti-fraud from AdsBridge is a sophisticated automated anti ad fraud software. It enables you to detect, eliminate, and get reports before it will hit your ad budget.

    As AdsBridge takes matters into our own hands when it comes to the issue of how to prevent click fraud you can rely on us. Our 10 state-of-the-art analytical metrics operate ceaselessly to stop click fraud.

Start using right now. Check anti-fraud effectiveness immediately!