April 15, 2019

Product update: SMART OFFERS

Dear friends!

We have awesome news for you!

We have recently launched a functionality Traffic monetization which allows you to effectively monetize your traffic just in one click and earn with AdsBridge.

We have expanded this functionality and added a new option for your convenience and more profit! Now you can use monetization as offers. Meet the most effective and conversion offers – SmartOffers.


What are SmartOffers and how to work with them?


SmartOffers on AdsBridge are 6 built-in smart links from different verticals that exist in the form of offers:

  • Dating
  • Mainstream Dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Pills
  • Mobile Content (Adult)
  • Gay Dating

The system automatically distributes and monetizes as effectively as possible all traffic that is sent on SmartOffers.


Such kind of traffic monetization allows you to use smart links:

  • in distribution rules and paths;
  • to split test SmartOffer with your own offers;
  • to distribute traffic volume between your own offers and SmartOffers;
  • to see the detailed statistics in different aspects;
  • to test traffic on different verticals not wasting your time searching for offers with profitable terms, because AdsBridge has already taken care of it.

You can find SmartOffers in the section “Manage offers”. They are marked with color for convenience, and their name matches the vertical.

SmartOffesr are added to campaigns and flows just like an ordinary ones. Check needed offers in the pop-up with offers and click “Add” (SmartOffers are highlighted for the convenience too).

You can see the statistics in different aspects for SmartOffers in the “Statistics” section.


Use advanced AdsBridge technologies and increase your income!

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