Conversion tracking

What is conversion tracking?

Conversion tracking — it is a procedure of observing the number of necessary actions performed by a user on a targeted website, for example: buying goods or services, calling, request submission or form filling, subscription, etc.

Due to сonversion tracking, you can determine which ads are working better than others, and also evaluate the cost-effectiveness of advertising spends.

The type of setup and identification the users action depends on the choice of the principle of obtaining of the conversions.

How does conversion tracking work on AdsBridge?

The functionality of the platform helps you to supervise not only redirects to the campaign link and conversions but also to view their detailed statistics. Conversion tracking software works as follows: when you click on a campaign link, AdsBridge generates an individual value of click_ID, which, once a operation is made, will be shown as a conversion click_ID in the campaign statistics. In the program, this value is passed in the tid parameter. Conversions could not view in the system without tid tracking.

What ways of conversion tracking exists?

AdsBridge provides the tid conversion tracking in two ways:

  • via S2S postback
  • through the Pixel

Conversions’ scaling on AdsBridge is quite simple due to s2s postback. Each account has a postback link sample with a unique subdomain of a current account. It looks like this:

The link looks like this:

Postback is considered to be the most reliable and safe way of counting the movements. Apart from conversions transferring, you can also send additional information about the action, for example, a payment or status.

For a postback to work out properly, you need to replace the placeholders YOUR_NETWORK_TOKEN, REPLACE, YOUR_CUSTOM_DATA with the corresponding settings of the affiliate network, on which you place it. Part of the link (the one with the settings), which won’t be used for transferring data, can be deleted.

The set postback should be placed on the side of an affiliate network in the corresponding field. AdsBridge’s S2S Postback is all-in-one, which means it can be used for all offers of the same affiliate network.

SConversions tracking on your website is easy to implement using the AdsBridge pixel.

There are 3 kinds of pixels:

  • iFrame
  • Image
  • Tracking script (JS script)

The pixel templates are located in the ‘User Menu – Tracking Pixels’ section. To make pixel work correctly, you have to delete part of the link with the parameters and make sure that the link domain in the pixel is the same as the redirected domain of a campaign URL, for which you will use it.

The pixel setting on the website does not take much time. Copy the ready sample and add it to the “Thank you” page after the action is made or to the offer page (the one that the user will see right after the conversion).

As a conversion tracking software, AdsBridge can use a pixel that is needed to count conversions.

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