URL masking

What is URL masking?

Link masking implies hiding the actual domain name of the site from the browser address bar, instead for the actual address, the masked URL is displayed. It does not affect the conversion or content of the target site. This function is used for confidentiality and data security.

How to use link masking

There are various programs, scripts, add-ons, online services for hiding the referral links.

AdsBridge is one of the software that has URL masking in its functionality.

This function is implemented as follows:

  • Create a campaign, set up rules and ways of traffic distribution, add necessary landing pages and offers
  • Activate the option “Hide referral link” in the settings of this campaign. It is not difficult; you just need to mark the checkbox
  • In the field below, you need to enter a domain that will be displayed each time the user hits the site’s target by clicking on the campaign link.

The application of mask affiliate links to AdsBridge allows you to hide the link and information about traffic from the curious managers of affiliate networks. They will see the domain that you specified as the domain for hiding the link.

More to it, there is the “Hide funnel” function. It works similar to the hide the link feature. Only by using this feature, you can hide the funnels and landing pages from the managers of affiliate networks.

The AdsBridge link masking is implemented in such a way that you can protect your data and keep it confidential to the maximum possible extent.

What are the ways of link masking?

There are many ways of link masking, here are some of them:

  1. Use of HTML frames
  2. Rewriting of the URL when the server serves the same page, only for two different domain names.
  3. Use of virtual hosting (with its help, the HTTP server serves different sites, which are based only on the contents of “Host”, the HTTP header).

These methods are useful when you have one or more of your own sites, in the code of which you can use the link masking. But when you are engaged in traffic tracking, work with affiliate networks or direct offers, such methods are not relevant and can’t be applied. In this case you need to use software like AdsBridge.

On the AdsBridge platform, the hiding links and funnels features are already implemented by the program, you only need to specify the domain that you want to display during masking, the rest will be done automatically by the system. What’s more, it does not matter where you send traffic, to your own landing page or not, to one offer or many offers, the system does everything for you.

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