Landing page builder

Why use the landing page creation

A landing page is a one-page site designed to boost the advertising, attract the client and sell. When using the landing page creation possibility, you need to take into account the factors that directly affect the site’s performance:

  • Design. Before creating the visual part of a landing page, which is the key one, it is necessary to learn your potential clients. The LP design must be focused on the target audience and developed in the way to draw their interest.
  • Content. The landing page should have an interesting and appropriate content that renders the idea and motivates clients to convert.
  • Unique proposition. You should list the benefits and offerings on a landing page. Your client wants to understand why they must choose you and how are you better than others.
  • Titles. They should contain an important message that hooks your user with just one phrase.

Currently, there are various landing page builder software that simplify the process of one-page site creation. They have pre-set blocks and scripts, using which you can create a website on your own without having any special coding skills. A huge number of templates can also be used as the basis. You can edit them, add creatives and come up with a new landing. In this respect, an online landing page builder is a popular solution. It can be used online without installation or extra time spent.

How landing page builder works on AdsBridge

AdsBridge provides two LP builders:

1. Visual editor

In this editor, you can create a landing page from scratch without coding because all elements are presented visually. To add an image, background, button, etc. on a landing page, you just need to click on the corresponding block and drag it.

Everything included in the AdsBridge visual editor is intuitive and accessible. So, the landing page builder on AdsBridge is the best solution for creating your first landing page.

Despite all the ease of use, this editor has a complete functionality for creating a full-fledged landing page.

The elements that you can add to the created LP:

  • section
  • block
  • text
  • images
  • buttons
  • video
  • shape
  • HTML code
  • exit pop-up

All elements’ properties are easy to adjust (the color, size, position on the page, etc.). Each part can be modified according to your design or idea.

2. HTML editor or a landing page builder script

HTML landing page builder allows you to create landing pages using the code. The editor consists of:

  • Code area. This block is designed for code adding and editing. Everything that is written in this block will be put between the <body> and </body> tags.
  • Panel for adding and uploading audio, video, and images.
  • Connection and control panel. Here you can customize the landing page properties (loading and CSS, JS connection).

AdsBridge provides LP templates that you can choose and edit in the visual editor. Landing pages created in one of the tracker’s editors use CDN and are stored on the AdsBridge side.

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