Launch winning ad campaigns in minutes and maximize your revenue using our groundbreaking tracking technology. Monetize your traffic effectively and track costs across all channels.
One single platform to manage and optimize all ad campaigns. Collect vast volumes of rich click-forward data, stay in control of your traffic, and easily scale business.
Create and customize multivariable performance reports in real time. Split-test creatives and determine which digital outlet is showing the best results based on key performance indicators.
Elevate the performance of your marketing campaigns with secure and flexible SaaS platform. Save time and money on massive traffic amounts optimization.
Highly accurate mechanism of fraud traffic detection with a complex data analysis. Save your advertising budget and exclude fraud traffic from your funnels.
  • 7 Data Centers Worldwide

    Highly scalable, flexible DNS servers infrastructure based on AWS will deliver your traffic via the shortest routes ensuring hyper-fast redirects and the lowest click loss.
  • 160+ Countries

    AdsBridge has a global coverage. We are proud to provide best technology services for the top affiliate marketers and media buyers across 160 countries on six continents.
  • 100+ Integrated Networks

    Hundreds of affiliate networks could be reached with 1 click setup. Your postback parameters will be substituted automatically and established on affiliate network side.
  • 4+ Years of Experience

    We deliver top-notch tracking features, making sure that you get your hands on everything needed to boost your ROI.

What is affiliate tracking software?

Affiliate marketing is a type of online marketing that involves the promotion of a product or service with the help of partners. Partners with their own efforts draw attention to the product and get a commission for it. Affiliate tracking software is used primarily in this type of marketing and it is designed for tracking the effectiveness and management of marketing activities using various plug-ins installed on the partner websites.

With a tracker, you can:

  • conduct A/B tests of campaigns,
  • filter out the bot traffic,
  • see all possible information about traffic for its analysis and optimization.
Our tracker can serve you as an excellent base for affiliate program software and affiliate network software through multi-user access, which lets you monitor the actions of your affiliates.

How is affiliate marketing software works?

With so many useful and not so helpful programs, websites, and tools on the market today, it’s very easy to get lost and confused about what’s important, and what you need. After all, each tool is worth the money that you surely want to earn, and not just waste. One of the digital tools that every affiliate needs in the modern market conditions is the tracker. Affiliate platform software is diverse in their application. However, they should help to monitor the productivity of your campaigns, provide tools for their optimization, and effectively manage your media-buy team or other publishers. By choosing the tracking platform, you get a wide range of opportunities, including direct monitoring of the traffic quality, and its subsequent optimization and distribution per your request. With a tracker, you can conduct A/B tests of your campaigns, “play” with moderators of any well-known sources and also see all possible information about your traffic for its analysis and optimization. Many options of affiliate platform software provide a wide choice and diverse application. It is important to focus on those which will be the most effective for you.

Why choose AdsBridge?

AdsBridge is a universal solution for all types of businesses. We provide a large scope of tools and do not limit the functionality for a user based on a pricing plan. AdsBridge works on and for you with an aim to increase the profitability of your business. Our product meets all challenges faced by good affiliate platform software. It’s not that easy to make your decision from a variety of tracking solutions available on the market. Everyone can’t be pleased, so you make your choice according to individual preferences. We try very hard to simplify this choice for a user, naturally responding to any individual request, as well as offering them a competitive set of functions, without which the modern affiliate can’t work. By choosing in favor of our tracker, you will have a great scope of options, including direct monitoring of the traffic quality, and its subsequent optimization and distribution per your request.