December 04, 2015

Tracking with affiliate networks on the Hasoffers’ platform

We got lots of reviews and feedbacks on our last update about tracking conversions between AdsBridge and affiliate networks based on Cake’s platform. As you know, AdsBridge allows you to work with various CPA networks based on different platforms. What platform do you use?

Today, let’s review Hasoffers’ platform and set up tracking conversions using the S2S postback method between AdsBridge and any affiliate network, like KissMyAds, Mobidealer, PerformanceRevenues, etc. Let’s go!

Get stated!

Hasoffers is another big platform that is used by many affiliate networks, such as: Affiliaxe, Beeoption, BlackFox, Clicxy, KissMyAds, Mobidealer, PerformanceRevenues, YeahMobile, ActionAds, Adsup, Mobileader, Tapgerine, etc.

The algorithm of setting is absolutely the same as with the Cake platform, the difference is only in the parameters which can be used to pass the click ID, and in the macros for the postback.

Follow these simple steps:

1. Copy the URL on the affiliate network:9

Paste this URL into the URL field when creating an offer on AdsBridge:2

2. Add the <tid> macro to this URL.

The parameters of the Hasoffers platform in which you can transmit the value of a unique click ID are as follows: aff_sub2, aff_sub3, aff_sub4, aff_sub5. We do not recommend to use the aff_sub parameter.

It is necessary to mark the “Tracking Sub ID” checkbox, and type the name of the parameter into the field. In this example we will use aff_sub2.3

3. Press the Add New Pixel/Postback button on the affiliate network, choose the Postback URL type in the Code Type field, and then paste the S2S postback URL into the field below:4

4. The list of macros which you can use is displayed here:5

You can use the following macros to track conversions with affiliate networks on the Hasoffers platform:





Since we used the aff_sub2 parameter in our example, we will use the corresponding macro {aff_sub2}

5.After the tid= parameter (instead of YOUR_NETWORK_TOKEN), it is necessary to add the {aff_sub2} macro. As a result, the postback will look like this:{aff_sub2}

6. To transmit the payout of each conversion on the tracker, you can add the {payout} macro after the &amt= parameter in the postback URL.  So, the final postback URL will be:{aff_sub2}&amt={payout}6

Here you go! The tracking with the affiliate network on Hasoffers is set, before leaving watch our short video.

Let’s make some money now!

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  1. Ximo

    &aff_sub2={clickid} should be placed in the adsbrige->offer url too to work, right?

    1. AdsBridge

      TY for your message! If you pre-created your aff network on HasOffers platform, your Offer settings will look like – if you didn’t pre-create it, the settings will look like –

      Have a nice day-)