July 23, 2019

Anti-fraud detection: traffic quality control

Hey guys!


Unfortunately, you are unable always to be sure about the quality of the purchased traffic. Low-quality traffic may cause troubles with payouts from your affiliate network and additional spends on useless traffic.

That’s why we added a valuable feature called Anti-fraud. This update means that you are able to analyze all incoming traffic without any risks and be sure that your traffic source gives you the traffic you need. 


Anti-fraud in AdsBridge is a complex algorithm based on artificial intelligence and makes complex quality analysis by 10 metrics. This allows accessing incoming traffic quality because this technology analyses traffic following several metrics in common, otherwise other trackers follow only one. 


Moreover, thanks to the given data you may:

– apply more exact bot filter settings;

– define fraud traffic immediately;

– save your budget from additional spends.


Anti-fraud detection in AdsBridge counts such metrics to detect robots as:

  • Frequent events 
  • Data centered
  • Fake timezone
  • Misleading language 
  • Unrecognized devices 
  • Fast clickers 
  • Library robots 
  • Unrecognized user agent 
  • Without referer 
  • Unsupported OS versions 

A more detailed description of metrics you may read >>HERE<< 


Get real conversions and high income using anti-fraud detection from AdsBridge!

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