February 14, 2019


Native advertising X new consumer approach.

If you’ve never taken user experience and customer-centric approach seriously, it’s high time you did. The market leaves affiliates no other choice but to focus on the deeper understanding of the user, studying their needs, desires, values, and expectations. In order to gain trust and interest, we suggest working on the way how people perceive your product or service, mainly what emotions and attitudes it entails. Identify the problem first, then present your product or service as a solution. Not vice versa. In this regard, content marketing approaches combined with native advertising are still in the forefront – MGID has been providing great user experience along with creating the added value.


Native advertising X content

The major trend emerging now is to tell connected stories that create a bigger experience. What is more, consumers value quality entertaining content, even if they understand it is promoted. We suggest using quizzes, interactive pre-landers, and advertorials to drive users’ interest and engagement.

MGID has a team of professional editors and designers who can help with the content development. By investing $500 in our platform, you’ll get access to the custom creative service and free yourself from the struggles associated with unique content creation.


Native advertising X video ads

According to the IAB’s Video Ad Spend Study, advertisers spent more than $10 million on their brand’s digital and mobile video ads in 2018. Spendings on digital/mobile video advertising increased across all market sectors over the past 3 years. But the Creative Ad Index reports that banner ads are 120% more effective when it comes to mobile advertising in comparison to video ads. So start with analysis and calculations before investing any money in video content creation. It might turn out that banner ads would be a wiser and safer choice for your product/service promotion.


Quality of traffic VS quantity of traffic

Does a large number of views or visits guarantee many leads? Most certainly not. Some affiliates think that quantity is important, although, in reality, the focus should be on quality. Today advertisers are looking for highly credible and reliable traffic sources, which can generate the target audience and quality leads. As millions of registrations are no longer an indicator, we believe Cost per Engagement (CPE) is a realistic model, that awaits us.

MGID partners with more than 22 000 publishers. High-quality and bot-free traffic has always been a core value of our business. In fact, MGID has recently achieved the TAG “Certifies Against Fraud'” Seal – thanks to our proprietary anti-fraud system and 3rd party anti-fraud tools we partner with.



E-commerce will continue to be the biggest thing. There are big marketplaces and smaller stores in every region or country. And both are interested in performance marketing services, which have skyrocketed. This trend entails the development of strategic partnerships with affiliate networks or collaboration with large and well-known players on the market.


APAC and e-Commerce

Today, we observe a fast-moving development of e-commerce in the Asia-Pacific region. Amazon started building up its presence with a launch in Singapore and Australia in 2017. This was a swift push for brands to think about e-commerce marketplaces and review existing marketing strategies.

State regulations of the common affiliate verticals are getting stricter in APAC. This significantly affects the development of different verticals and requires running white hat campaigns. Such campaigns entail being transparent with the consumer and exclude fraudulent activity. We can safely assume to see more companies helping to find offers on e-commerce sites, as they are white hat relevant.


Crypto & financial offers

Despite state regulations and stock price fluctuations, crypto & financial offers remain quite profitable for the affiliates. Nutraceuticals are also worth trying, along with dating and travel. By the way, our internal analysis proves that dating and crypto offers work very well with push notifications.


Push notifications rule

Alerts appearing in the top right-hand corner of the desktop and on a mobile screen allow to generate higher engagement and CTR. Pushes provide affiliates with quality traffic, as users сonsiously subscribe to a website’s notifications, which in turn, excludes the presence of bots. We recommend turning your attention to push campaigns, as in MGID they are the universal solution for financial and dating offers.



We have seen a huge amount of ad blocking and users’ data breaches. The EU GDPR took effect in 2018. Then, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which was signed into law on June 28, 2018, provides residents with more control over personal information. Businesses must inform users that they are collecting consumer data, how they do it and whether the information is disclosed or sold to other parties. Disclosure is forbidden without consumer’s consent. Moreover, businesses should ensure they provide equal price and quality of goods or services. If you want to read more, click here https://www.iab.com/ccpa/

We clearly see how the States are concerned about the problem of protecting the user data. Therefore, the task of the affiliate marketing industry leaders is to comply with regulations and cooperate with regulatory agencies. Such a strategy will prove that marketing budgets aimed at promotion through affiliate networks are worth it.


From affiliate marketing to partner marketing

Initially, the task of the affiliate marketer was to find traffic, sell a product or service, and get a commission. Marketing performance measures were quite standard. However, over the years, performance-based measurements and reward systems have changed, as well as the partner categories and channels. Today, marketers have enormous volumes of data to share with their partners, that will help to optimize the campaigns, target more profitable segments, and improve the brand’s performance. Well, this collaboration involves affiliate marketing turning into partner marketing.

And now we come to the sweetest part of our article.


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