May 24, 2019

SmartOffers are accessible for everyone

Built-in smart links “Smart Offers” on AdsBridgeis a perfect traffic monetization solution for business of different scales.

You will agree that Tracker + smart link platform rolled into one is something really cool! Using all opportunities AdsBridge gives you as a tracker and smart link, you get the most powerful bundle in your traffic monetization and rapid growth of the business.  

We have certainly thought about users, who are not searching for a tracker but a smart link platform only, who don’t need all these huge distribution rules, thousands of offers from affiliate networks, monitoring of the most profitable ones among them, etc.


So, focus. This information is for those who want to use AdsBridge as a smart link platform only – tracker and TDS for you is completely FREE. Yes, it is neither joke nor prank, there are no pitfalls or hidden conditions, you don’t need to pay for the tariff. If you want to use the smart link – use AdsBridge.

Please note! In case you send traffic not only to smart links but also to your own offers, you will be charged for this traffic depending on the volume.

As we mentioned earlier, our built-in smart links “Smart Offers” have 8 verticals. You can read more here.


You get uncomparable advantages over ordinary smart link platforms when using AdsBridge:

  • you can split – test verticals with one another to find out which one your traffic converts better on;
  • you have a detailed statistics in the tracker that allows you to analyze every visit and amend targetting on the side of Traffic source for maximum accuracy;
  • our smart links cover all GEO that makes it possible to monetize all traffic;
  • the most part of smart link offers are exclusives which means high income from conversions;
  • the most responsive managers who help to understand and answer your questions.


What do you need to use AdsBridge as smart link platform:

  • sign up in AdsBridge;
  • write your manager about your desire to use AdsBridge as smart link;
  • use SmartOffers and receive profit!

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