September 19, 2018

What is Bot Traffic

The digital flow of visitors to the site is defined as traffic. It is needed to make your site generate the revenue. The regularity of visits by real people has an important role, as it provides an assessment of the productivity of your site. Everyone knows that live customers can bring the real money into your business. People come and spend money on your service, but the bot traffic just creates extras. It can bring benefits and real revenue only to its developer. When bots appear in traffic, it’s rather difficult to calculate them at once, as they can copy the user’s behavior: they follow links, open pages, but do not bring money, and on the contrary – they take away all the potential income.

 Is your traffic organic or not?

It is self-evident that the site needs visitors to make a profit. Successful work of the site, in turn, requires the promotion and a certain amount of traffic, which conducts its recognition.

In simple terms, real people (users) who visit the site and spend time on its pages – this is the real traffic. The number of ad views, site pages scrolling and clicks show the activity and interest of the audience to the content of the site. These users create conversion metrics by which you study their behavior and preferences, and also calculate the effectiveness of the budget spending on certain promotional arrangements.

This, organic traffic contains the stream of users who manually added keywords or brand names in the search engines, and entered your site. Other real traffic sources can be social networks or any online communities.

The nature of the clean traffic should be checked to define bots in the traffic and to see them in the statistics reports. You can use online moderation and traffic bot filters for this purpose. This will help you to know the ratio of the real traffic and bot traffic of your web together with the digital values.

So, if you know the outlet of the traffic, you can see the real activity of users on the site. And when you start an advertising campaign, you need to figure out how it will work and how profitable it will be. Today, traffic has become a subject of sale, it can be easily purchased and augment an audience for your site. Such measures are quite popular, as many advertisers are reluctant to make business with sites that do not have followers yet.

While you’re concerned with the quality of traffic flow, you can use the bots moderation function to get the real traffic and see the bot traffic in the full blast.

Therefore, you cannot do without filtering bot traffic at the stage of the tracker. This filter allows you to identify and define bot in the traffic flow. After that, using the filter settings, you can distribute the traffic bot for your campaign, as you need.


What are Bots

We can give a clear definition of our century in one sentence – it is an era of rapid innovation development and digital technology. Information is the most on-demand the resource which people around the world desire to have. Today, the major part of a trade in goods and services has moved to the worldwide network. The communications no longer have geographic or technological limitations, of course, if there is an access to the Internet. Along with this, total robotics covered almost all spheres of human life. Now people literally live on the Internet and spend a significant part of their free and working time online on their gadgets.

The attendants of this immense space are programs that execute commands, search, prompt, entertain and continuously help users. The common notion of “robot” or a more popular “bot” is a program designed to automatically perform certain tasks and can replace a person’s work. The Internet bot can perform a variety of tasks that depend on the direction in which they are used.

Types of traffic bots

The entire array of traffic that comes to the site can be nominally taken as 100%. About 50% of it will be taken by the organic traffic, and the remaining 50% would be robots. And, again, the camp is divided into two parts: good and bad bots. Their purpose, functions, and results of work determine which type they belong to.

Non-organic traffic is random transitions of visitors attracted on the web through a link from sites with a low and dubious reputation. Most cybersecurity experts say that “garbage traffic” takes up about a half of all bot traffic.

Good bots

Among the useful bots are those programs that are created for the purposeful operation of a service. They reduce the usage of human labor and increase the speed of data processing. Their tasks are clearly confined, do not harm users and do not clog the system.

The most common bot is the chat-bot. Every global network user faces this “helper” on a daily basis. It is a “wheelhorse” that processes information on a typical algorithm. It is automated to communicate, answer questions and process customers’ requests on the web and that is, replace the work of a human in some way. You can also meet them in the site support service. Or you can play an online game, having a bot as your opponent. If you are looking for the weather forecast, the exchange rate for today or the results of some sports competitions – you will get an answer from a bot. Such a program can respond to your query in the search box and provide a link to follow. The main good bots are listed below:

Search Bots

Monitoring Bots

Crawlers (part of the search engine)

RSS-bots (to work with information flows)

Bad bots

If the range of tasks of good bots is initially designated, then some tricky Internet bots are created to infiltrate the system by pretending to be simple users. This capability gives them the opportunity to be unidentified for a while and grab as much of the traffic as possible for their own purposes.

So, among the bad bots are the following:

Botnet is an unsafe bot that can secretly settle down a computer in the guise of a browser and behave like a real user.

Bots that are configured to collect data about users on the Internet

Spam bot – bots that are configured to distribute poor-quality advertising content

Bots-pests, programmed to buy tickets for transport and concerts with subsequent speculation

Game-bots for online games, the task of which is to earn game currency and different prize bonuses, thereby inflicting scarce game economics.

Bots for DDoS-attacks, which prevent the site from being used by ordinary users.

A bad bot for traffic is a bomber that clogs the statistics of data on clean traffic with advertising debris and creates barriers to the normal use of sites.

The dissimilarities of bots

As it was mentioned above, “good” and “bad” bots are programs made for specific purposes. To be more precise, this is the targeted collection and exchange of data on the network.

Harmless operating bots are only busy with their direct duties of searching and providing data. They are not tending to make spontaneous outbursts of activity or so-called “bombardment”. And bots-pests are characterized by features of virus programs, such as:

– disguise

– attack

– capturing more data

– uncontrolled disposition of data for their own purposes.

   How to define bot activity

After you have launched your site, you will need to monitor the dynamics of its work. And, of course, you will start using analytics services and trackers, and this will be absolutely correct tactics. You can track and manage the traffic sources yourself and see how the Internet bots behave on your site.

To distinguish the inflow of traffic bot from organic traffic, you need to use the metric and filtering tools. Filter settings for various indicators will allow you to see a picture of what is happening in detail. The filter will detect the traffic source, browser, device, and operating system type from which any actions were performed. That is if you suddenly have a huge number of visits to your site, 10 thousand or more, and their actions are not typical of ordinary users, then it can be bots. Typically, the Internet user needs some time to get acquainted with the website, flick through the pages and make some clicks. And the traffic bot program operates according to the specified scheme.

Indeed, solely a quality product or service on your site is not enough to make good money on it. It is very important to be able to offer it the best way and sell it. Substantial and up-to-date content along with properly selected keywords increase the chance to take advantage of the position in the search results. A high rated site attracts more organic traffic, while you have more reasons to fight for the true and real visitors on your web.

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