March 05, 2018

Update conversions

Imagine, you received conversions with wrong payouts that were recorded in statistics. According to that, statistics is already incorrect, BUT there is no reason to be upset because AdsBridge allows you to edit the payout for conversions.


To change the value of payout for conversions you need to:

1. Open “Statistics – Edit conversion” section.

2. Select “Update conversions” tab.

3. Add a click_id and payout values to the field.

4. Press “Update”.

5. Done

New data will be automatically passed to “Task list” section.

Click_ID of conversions with wrong payouts should necessarily be inserted in the following format: click_ID, payout, txid, status (separated by commas and without spaces).



For click_ID, payout – ortln592fe4482318f538555813,5

For click_ID, payout, txid – ortln592fe4482318f538555813,5,payment

For click_ID, payout, txid, status – ortln592fe4482318f538555813,5,payment,approved

For conversions from CPA offer with status (without txid) – ortln592fe4482318f538555813,5,,approved


More information about updating conversions you can find in our user guide.


Wish you high conversions!
The AdsBridge Team.

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