July 12, 2017

Top 5 July Updates

Today we are glad to share our month-by-month updates. Check out the listings of these new improvements release:


  • Social registration – login or sign up with one of your favorite social networks (Facebook, Google).


  • The unique subdomain for “hide referrer” – the unique AdsBridge subdomain (xxx.ab4hr.com) is added to the “hide referrer” feature. Thus, the primary domain (www.ab4ah.com) will be more secured and protected from our side. In case you need to add a new domain for “hide referrer” to lurk the traffic source, this unique subdomain will be used for it.


  • An index page for hiding the referral link – use the new option to display the AdsBridge campaign on the domain to hide the link. With the help of this function, you can easily pass the moderation (for example in AdWords), because when you click on the link to hide the transition, the moderator will be redirected to a full site containing content.


  • Unlimited CSV reports download – the new AdsBridge scheme allows you to download large data CSV reports for an unlimited period of time.


  • Rule numbers & shifting (TDS) – We applied serial numbers for the rules, so you can easily prioritize the distribution rules by moving them in the order you want traffic to be allocated.


There are more updates coming! Leave your feedback, so we can move forward and grow together!



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