February 10, 2017

Smart Link ToolKit is Here!


THE new trend in the affiliate marketing industry that will help you stand out from your competitors. It will come in handy for high volume media-buying teams and advertising agencies in monetizing their remnant traffic and in optimizing campaigns within one single platform.


We have created an compact and easy to understand toolkit for all of your smartlink needs! It’s new, multi-functional, and ready to handle any amount of domains.  Our Smart Link ToolKit will provide you with the cutting edge tools you need to get ahead and make the most out of your traffic monetization.


What does it include? ​


SmartLink Creation This feature will allow you to monetize left over traffic with ease. You’ll be able to hold an unlimited amount of offers, all under one link!



White-Label Publisher User Interface In the case that you would like to build your own Smart Link platform, and use the AdsBridge User Interface, we are ready and willing to create this for you. You can do so while still preserving the visual uniqueness of your site or service. This is an exclusive feature, and will only be available to a limited amount of people, for a separate price. Upon deciding on this feature, please contact our team, and all details will be discussed.



Landing Page building, editing, and hostingAdsBridge is possibly the ONLY tracking solution that provides its users with access to ready-to-go landing page templates, a blank LP editor (html and visual!), and hosting.



Automatic Campaign OptimizationOur system’s algorithms allow your campaigns to be optimized while you sleep! AdsBridge will be able to see which offers and/or landing pages are performing better, and allocate more traffic to them accordingly. You can also set this feature up to work with combinations of offers and landings. All of this is done through our Traffic Distribution System, which directs traffic through more than 16 parameter such as country, device, ISP, connection type, etc.


There will be more to come! Be sure to stay updated on our blog and social media pages!

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-Your AdsBridge Team



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