December 01, 2016

AdsBridge Updates!

We’ve updated once again, and there are lots of new functions! Enjoy!


The possibility to add your own favicon onto your Landing Page.

It will now be possible to add personal favicons within the visual and HTML Landing Page editor that will be shown upon transfer to your landing pages.

In order upload your favicon into the editor, it is necessary to upload the file with the name ‘favicon’ in ico, png, or svg format.

NOTE: In order that your favicon functions properly in all browsers, it is necessary to upload it in all three formats.




The issue with Facebook prefetching has been resolved.

Upon display of banners in the mobile app, Facebook would ‘click’ the banner before showing it to users, therefore increasing the amount of clicks within our statistics. This created dissimilarity between the ‘impressions’ and ‘clicks’ data within AdsBridge.

AdsBridge now filters visits made when the banner is being displayed, thus making Facebook tracking precise and transparent. Now the number of unique clicks on Facebook coincides with the number of unique visits to AdsBridge with the dissimilarity being within a few percentage points.



We have added a “hide funnel” option for jumps created in the AdsBridge editor.

A new function has been added to the first step of campaign creation. It allows you to hide funnel and jump pages from networks.  In order to activate this function, you need to select the ‘on’ option here: ( and enter the link to which all traffic will be sent without verification.

NOTE: This function allows you to hide jump-pages created within our visual or HTML editor. It will not work with self-hosted landing pages.




We have added a proxy traffic detection function.

In the bot-filter section we have added the option ‘proxy detect’.

Turning on this function will separate all proxy traffic, and will count it as bot traffic (this information will be able to be seen within your statistics), as moderators and bots often use proxies to track your funnel. These groups of traffic will then be sent to a default path set within your campaign.

NOTE: The functionality of this option will not be affected by the switching-on/off of the bot   filter.




We’ve made the bot-filter easier to understand.

The appearance of the bot-filter page has been redone, and the bot-filter settings have been placed in the first step of campaign creation.




There is now no subdomain limit for domains purchased through AdsBridge.

After purchasing a domain through AdsBridge, you are now able to add an unlimited amount of subdomains to the domain. This can now all be done independently, without consulting support. To do so, choose the ‘purchased’ option in the domain addition pop-up, and enter subdomain to a domain within the drop-down list.




New OS/browser specifications added:

In OS, browser specifications the options ‘higher than’ and ‘lower than’ have been added. These options regard to the version of OS or browser.

To set up this specification, you will need to choose the option ‘higher than/lower than’ in the ‘Conditions’ field, and then enter in the OS/browser version you desire.





New FAQs!

We have updated out Frequently Asked Questions database. You will be able to find them here:




Paths added:

We have added ‘paths’ to the ‘offer active in campaigns’ pop-up, for comfort.



Empty useragent option added:

We have added an ‘include empty useragent’ option into the traffic distribution specifications.



New double left-click feature:

Now in all sections of the ‘Manage’ sections, you may get to statistics by simply double left- clicking.


Planned Updates:

Addition of split paths.

The addition of graphics to the statistics.

Global update of the device base.

The addition of a ‘Stream’ function.

The development of API for our users.

Manual cost update for all users.

The addition of charts to the main dashboard. This visualization will allow you to see the dynamics of changes to key indicators. When available, you’ll be able to open this graphic by clicking the button ‘Chart’.


Have a great rest of your week!

-The AdsBridge Team 

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