March 10, 2017

Brand-New AdsBridge Trial

AdsBridge has a brand-new trial, and we are very excited to be sharing it with you!

The most notable difference when compared to our original trial is that there will now be no limits on any of our features! You will have the opportunity to test out any and all functions within the AdsBridge system. The new trial is 14 days long, and after some research, we believe this amount of time is perfect to get an understanding of tracking your affiliate campaigns.

So what exactly are these newly unlocked features? Here’s a breakdown! :

  • Traffic Distribution System:branch-1290017_960_720

    With our advanced traffic distribution system you are able to effectively manage all your traffic sources and offers and optimize campaigns, ensuring a revenue increase.


  • Real Time Statistics:statistics-706383_960_720

    Get stats in real time, track conversions, and optimize campaigns immediately. You can generate reports in any combination using various filters, and group stats by specific data.


  • Landing Page Editor:maintenance-1151312_960_720

    Create your own landers hosted on our servers, or choose landing pages from our extensive library of templates. Customize them, split test, and improve in just a few clicks. Under the free trial, you may use 10 landing pages.


  • Unlimited Custom Domains:infinity-1837436_960_720

    You can purchase a custom domain within the AdsBridge system. Use as many custom redirect domains as you want and stay in control of their reputation.


  • Online Support:support-1699895_960_720

    A dedicated team of professionals who are ready to back you up at any moment and promptly answer all your questions and requests. Contact them at !

  • Detect Unique Users:detective-156465_960_720

    This feature speaks for itself, and it guarantees an easier and smoother tracking experience.


  • Automatic Campaign Optimization:2280340261_103a38c186_b

    This provides various algorithms based on the combination of optimal control strategy and probabilistic approaches that help monitor the best landing/offer combinations, and excludes those that have fewer conversions.


  • Multi-User Access:computer-1331579_960_720

    Our traffic tracker allows the setting of multi-user access and roles enabling users to work under one account and get individual permits for editing/viewing any data.

All of the features above and more are now available for testing under our new trial! We hope you try them out and realize your highest potential within the affiliate marketing field!

Happy converting!

-The AdsBridge Team

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