January 11, 2016

Affiliate Network setup on AdsBridge

AdsBridge prepared new case study for our dear affiliates. Share your opinion and experience with us, ask any question and maybe you’ll see yours in our weekly user guide. Explore and develop new skills with AdsBridge, make more money and stay updated all the time.

Let’s start with a short video, then go deeper into details.

Let’s move forward and set up your affiliate network to derive maximum from your affiliate campaign.


The first screenshot shows the interface for setting affiliate network.

  1. The list of trusted affiliate networks includes affiliate networks that are our partners.

The use of trusted affiliate networks considerably simplifies the setting of offers and a postback. This list includes:


– MaxBounty

– PeerFly

– MundoMedia

Moreover, there is a list of the most popular affiliate networks that are preset for you:

– Adsimilis

– Advidi

– AdWork Media

– Affiliaxe

– Avazu

– Blackfox

– Cherry Revenue

– CJ

– Clickbooth

– Clicxy

– Convert2media

– FireClickMedia

– KissMyAds

– LifeScript

– Mobidea

– Neverblue

– PerformanceRevenues

– Pocket Media

– WebForce

– XY7Elite

– YeahMobile

– YTZ International

Our tracker is able to pull your offers data through the API of our integrated affiliate network, ClickDealer. This function is available for users with Professional, Business, Enterprise and Exclusive subscription plans.

In order to use it, when creating the ClickDealer affiliate network in our interface, enter your ClickDealer account details in the interface that appear after you press this button: 


  1. Name the affiliate network you want to add to our interface.
  2. This setting allows using one parameter for passing a unique click ID for all offers of this affiliate network.

Tracking Sub ID is a parameter used by our tracker for passing a unique click ID. This field states the name of this parameter from your affiliate network in which an affiliate network can accept the unique click ID of our tracker, and afterwards, this name is added to the offer URL. For instance, if your affiliate network is created on the Cake platform, you can use s2, s3, s4, s5 for Tracking Sub ID. In case your affiliate network is created on the HasOffers platform, you can use aff_sub2, aff_sub3, aff_sub4, aff_sub5. There are more affiliate networks created on customized platforms, and you need to ask your affiliate manager what parameter to use for each one of them.

  1. Enter the tracking Sub ID into this field if you still want to use it for all offers of this affiliate network
  2.  Postbacks for insertion on the side of an affiliate network. If you choose a trusted affiliate network or network from our templates, you’ll see a preset postback in this field which you need to copy and paste into your affiliate network. If you create an affiliate network from the start, you can insert all the necessary macros of an affiliate network in this postback, save it, and later use it for all offers of this affiliate network. Usually, the S2S postback is put here however if your affiliate network works only with https postbacks, you should use a secure S2S.

There are four setting parameters in this postback:

tid – is used for passing the AdsBridge click ID from affiliate network back to tracker. It is the only required parameter in the postback without which conversions won’t be passed. After the “=” sign in this parameter, you need to insert affiliate network macro instead of YOUR_NETWORK_TOKEN, which will be replaced by the value that came in a parameter entered in the Tracking Sub ID field when setting an offer.

amt – passes the dynamic value of a payout by conversion.

txid – is set only for CPS offers. It allows tracking of several conversions from one click ID.

cdata – passes any parameter straight to the source traffic without saving on our side.

Wishing you high conversions, guys.
Regards, AdsBridge Team.

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  1. Mohamed Diab

    Thanks for this awesome article guide for newbie like me into your system, but actually i had faced a problem in my last trial campaign two days a go, as after following all instructions to set it up correctly and replacing all required tokens from my affiliate network that use Cake platform, i had replace #s2# for the “TID” parameter and #price# for “amt” parameter, then ran my campaign but actually when i collected the gathered information i found that i only have info on devices, countries and visits without any track for the conversions or campaign cost that i had set it up while creating traffic sources.
    So any advice from your side that’ll be highly appreciated.