April 22, 2015

AdsBridge User Reviews

What Our Users Say

We feel passionate about the information and service we provide our users – this is what they say..

“After ages of search, I found the awesome user guide, guys. I will just say that it’s so easy even for noobie to create campaigns of offers using their tips and video tutorials”.  – James

“It is just getting comfortable with it. Voluum was pretty easy. Adsbridge is fairly easy too, just that it has a lot more advanced features I think.
I do really like AdsBridge. I like the reporting better than Voluum..” – Kirby

“AdsBridge seems to be much better than Voluum, you have a landing page builder and an amazing support. We’ll try the system, we should get accustomed to it and afterwards we’ll see when we’ll upgrade to PRO” – Miguel

“Pretty interesting I think.
Especially if you have a long term business which permit you pay the annual billing wich is sure really convenient.” –  Ezequiel

“I would like to thank you for the service you have provided. What it looks like I would normally do with my previous trackimng solution,  is to take the data and export it to a csv and then into an excel spreadsheet and then manipulate the columns and get rid of some unneeded columns. It looks like here in Adsbridge that I can just customize the columns right here in custom view and eliminate the step of a spreadsheet. Good stuff.
Now I am seeing the power of AdsBridge.” – Guinn

“I have put off starting an affiliate activity for years because I thought it was going to be complicated and expensive. I was amazed once checking AdsBridge tracker and lander builder. Indeed if you too are looking for a way of how to create good landing pages and prosper through doing so with affiliate marketing, Adsbridge will help you to achieve this with ease, even if you’re just a noobie, like me.” – John

“AdsBridge is refreshing, reactive to feedbacks and willing to compete with existing alternatives. Reactive and helpful customer service. Stay on top of the game with new development and features that will bring ease and convenience to users.Keep having good customer service.” – Ethan

“Thank you very much for resolving all those issue for me, guys! Best customer service ever!” – Albert.

Thank you for the feedback, guys, you are those who makes our tracker better!

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