January 27, 2015

Meet AdsBridge BETA TEST Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Kenrick, our January Beta Contest winner!

Kenrick has been testing Adsbridge during past two weeks and has created successful campaigns and offers. He left a lot valuable suggestions to our support manager and we couldn’t help noticing his incredible input to AdsBridge improvement.

Kenrick’s feedback inspired us a lot, so we thought we’d share it with you.
In his original reply to our BETA Contest form, Kenrick said:
“It’s a very user friendly tracking system. Its has a clean look and looks nice as far as UI compared to other trackers.
I really like how fast it is to create a campaign and utilize the landing page builder which no other tracker has out there yet. This is probably an awesome feature that sets you apart from the competition.”

Thanks for your kind words and valuable suggestions, Kenrick! We will create the best tracking software platform possible based on your ideas.

Now, it’s your chance to win!

To enter our Bets Test Contest, just follow these simple steps:

1. Log in to your AdsBridge account or Sign up here and enjoy testing the freshest tracking software for FREE!

2. Leave your valuable feedback by filling this simple form ( click below)

AdsBridge Beta Test Contest

3. Win a 50 USD Amazon Gift Card!

Timing: The Contest is open from 12 December 2014 until 16 February 2015.

The contest is open for all countries.

Official Contest Rules


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  1. Kenrick

    Thanks for the $50.00 gift card towards amazon! I also wanted to add how I appreciate the promptness in time and dedication your team took to get minor problems fixed. Each time I sent Anna screenshots and trouble tickets the next day or so the new change was updated. It was also nice to see Max at ASW while I was attending Charles Ngo’s seminar as he listened to my feedback about the platform. Keep up the great work! I look forward in using your tracking for my future affiliate campaigns.

  2. AdsBridge

    Thanks for sharing your feedback, Kenrick! We will definitely roll out a high quality Tracking Software with such a wonderful customers like you!