March 27, 2015

The Beta Test Contest is Over. Meet the last Winner!

Meet the AdsBridge BETA TEST Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Timethia, our March Beta Contest Winner, responsive user and active forum member!

Timethia has been testing AdsBridge for almost 3 months and has been providing us feedback and suggestions non-stop! All the while she has been writing posts on forums, participating in discussions and helping out other users!

We were inspired by her contribution and decided to share some of her public posts with you:

About AdsBridge tracking platform

On Affiliatefix, forum Timethia has her own thread where she is giving you a taste of her experience and first steps (making up to $200 per day) to success in affiliate marketing. She mentions using AdsBridge as her tracker, so be sure to follow and encourage and learn from her
“My Journey to $200 Per Day (Screenshots included)”

Thank you once again, Timethia, for your valuable comments and suggestions, they are appreciated and will be definitely taken into consideration.

We take all feedback and feature requests very seriously and are doing our best to resolve all your issues as fast as possible.

We’d like to encourage everyone to be more active on the forums, social networks, blogs and refer any questions you have to our Tech Support Team.