May 13, 2016

Track it easy with Mobidea & AdsBridge!

Save your time and make your work more efficient within one UI. Get it now with Mobidea and AdsBridge newly established integration.

Getting started!
Mobidea –  is a programmatic network for affiliate marketers. It specializes in user monetization, focused on CPA and CPI campaigns, converting users’ mobile traffic like no other. Feel free to visit their web-site.

What is so special?

Mobidea launched a new feature that automatically generates all parameters needed for postback. So, being an AdsBridge user, you have a great opportunity to set up your postback in Mobidea UI in a matter of minutes.

How to do it?

Step 1 – Click on the ADVANCED button next to the Smartlink or Offer

Step 2 – Click on Postback

Step 3 – Click on the AdsBridge button

Step 4 – Enter your AdsBridge domain

Step 5 – Choose currency

Step 6 – Copy the link into your AdsBridge campaign

Get the most out of your traffic with Mobidea & AdsBridge!

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