October 28, 2016

Ad Network that Ensures Quality

Here at AdsBridge we know that it can be a real pain in the neck to find the quality traffic source that meets the needs of your ad campaigns and brings impressions. Therefore, we regularly surf the digital space to give you a hand on that. And here’s the good news. Our team came across an advertising network that’s worth your attention.

Online Advertising Network _ Mobile Advertising Solution _ Yesadvetising.com - Google Chrome 2016-10-28 14.33.50


YesAdvertising is the largest pop under ad exchange with 16 years of experience in online advertisement. They process 100+ billion pop under ads per month. The platform provides highly targeted desktop and mobile exclusive traffic available globally, which works for gaming, surveys, business opportunity, email submit, branding, installs, and traffic ads. So, you are sure to find the right traffic for any campaign.



Talking about the benefits, this ad network has gone further in their approach towards traffic. YesAdvertising uses a Traffic Quality Engine (TQE) to monitor each impression before delivering it to the marketing campaigns. And this is something you will appreciate in the long run – their TQE is designed to scan each IP, detect and intercept fraudulent activity in real time, and measure the likelihood of conversion. This means you are sure to get the quality you’re expecting. Additionally, you may as well consider that all traffic provided on YesAdvertising meets Forensiq, DobleVerify and IAS standards.



And some important details to bear in mind. The platform works with 40 ad formats, including text banner, graphical banner, pop under, interstitial, video, offer wall. The advertiser minimum deposit here is $100. They work with CPC, CPM, and CPA models with minimum bids of $0.01, $0.1, 0.0005 accordingly. All payments are flexible, and you can start anytime.

Visit YesAdvertising website and see what else they have to offer!

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