June 08, 2015

Win $500 Every Month! [guest post by AffiliateFix]

Will you be next to win $500 with AffiliateFix and Mobicow?

The first AffiliateFix member to win $500 has received his cheque – will you be next?

Lots of promotions will tell you that It Could Be You! but not all will deliver on their promises. TC Yeap will confirm that AffiliateFix, in association with Mobicow, will – every time.

Plenty of people successfully had articles posted on the affiliate forum in order to be in with a chance of winning the bumper bonus in May and it was TC Yeap who was picked at random to bag the Mobicow-sponsored prize.

Now the race has begun to become the next big winner and it really could be you. Forget entering high-odds contests with no skills involved. This is a great way to use the knowledge you already have to inform, educate or entertain your peers – and to give yourself the chance to boost your bank balance by a whopping $500.

Fancy your chances? You’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a go. All you have to do is post a unique and useful guide, success story, follow along or case study.

It’s the ideal way of putting all your affiliate knowledge to good use – or maybe event cataloguing your start-out efforts, either way giving yourself the opportunity to splash some cash on yourself or someone in your life.

Once your post has been judged as being relevant, helpful and one-of-a-kind by the moderators, it will be posted on the AffiliateFix affiliate forum and you will be in-line to win the £500 monthly prize.

 It really is that simple. There are no catches and no major requirements, other than to submit a suitable, unique insight, guide or story.

Better still, you don’t have to limit yourself to submitting just one post each month. Every one you write that is accepted gets you another entry into the draw, sponsored by the mobile ads experts at Mobicow.

This will not only give you even more chance of winning, it’s also a great incentive to share your knowledge and know that your insights are being read and appreciated by other affiliates.

You may have been thinking about posting about your experiences for a while but never quite got around to it. Perhaps you have been wondering if your insight is valid and worthwhile? If so, just give it a go. You really have got nothing to lose and you might just be pleasantly surprised by the outcome.

If you entered but didn’t win last month, who says it’s not almost your time? Luck may be on your side next time around – especially if you have a bumper bag of entries to your name.

You can apply to post as many guides, follow-alongs, case studies or success stories as you like. The time and imagination you have is the only limit to how many times your user name can appear on the AffiliateFix forum and how much your odds of winning the monthly prize pot are increased.

Even if you only have the hours or the inspiration to enter one piece a month, it’s still worth giving it a try. It won’t cost you a penny and it really does only take one entry to be picked to bag the cash.

 The promotion winner is picked randomly at the end of each month and is announced on the first day of the following month. Could July 1, 2015, be your lucky day?

There is no doubt, however, that the more you enter, each month and over the course of the following months, the more likely you are to win and see your name in a future story just like this.

There are very few places where you’ll be ‘paid’ $500 simply for writing about a subject you know and enjoy – but this is one. OK, you’re not likely to scoop the cash every time you write, but one big potential payday will make it all worthwhile.

What’s more, there’s no reason why you can’t win more than once. If you’re picked as a winner, don’t stop posting. Lady Luck may just be on your side and see you in gold medal position again in the future.

In terms of subject matter, the world of affiliates is your oyster. As long as your piece is original and useful – and of course relevant to other affiliates – you’re in with a shot.

May’s entries included CoolSpot’s Staying Focused, Pay Per Call Affiliate Marketing Methods, Ideas, and Tips by Saran, Success Story: 3,656 Affiliate Sales using Retargeting Pixel by Filmosophist, and Franklin Hatchett’s Let’s Go on a ClickBank Journey.


As an added bonus, Mobicow are also offering every AffiliateFix member an exclusive discount offer. This is the only Mobicow coupon available anywhere on the World Wide Web.

The voucher will give you Mobile Traffic Credit to the value of $50 absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up using AffiliateFix’s exclusive link HERE .

It seems there’s a lot of free dollars being given away right now. Don’t miss out on your chance to grab your share today.

Find out  more here:  Win $500 Every Month! (Sponsored by Mobicow)

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