June 02, 2015

[Infographic] Key Benefits of using AdsBridge SaaS Tracking Solution

Reasons to trust AdsBridge tracking/TDS system for increasing your revenue

Web-based products like AdsBridge tracking & traffic distribution system are commonly known as SaaS solutions. Essentially, they allow you to access the service over the Internet whenever you need it instead of downloading and installing a software program. There is no need to worry about the compatibility of AdsBridge with your OS and hardware – it runs perfectly on any browser.

AdsBridge has superior short & long-term business prospects than self-hosted platforms providing equally effecient traffic tracking and distribution capabilities. Both newcomers and seasoned affiliate marketers can benefit from these advantages that AdsBridge offers:

Cost-cutting pricing model

The AdsBridge model is simple and competitive. You can choose the monthly PRO subscription ($79) with 1,000,000 visits per month included or annual PRO subscription ($479) with an opportunity to save 50% and pay only $39 per month. Excess traffic is billed at $0.04 per 1,000 visits. In general, using a web-hosted solution will help you save up to $500 each month. This is far cheaper than any other self-hosted tracker solution (including free ones).
We only count VISITS your campaigns reach, with clicks and conversions provided for FREE.

CDN service for hosted landing pages

AdsBridge has a built-in landing page creator which allows you to create effective landers right off the bat. Landing pages can be uploaded in no time compared to obsolete self-hosted landing pages due to lower count of requests and the use of CDN service.
Upload your newly created landings 30% faster!

Reliability and data security

AdsBridge system is protected against DDoS attacks and uses SSL cryptographic protocols across the platform for security reasons. All your traffic statistics are kept at our dedicated servers. Four database servers, with replicated data, guarantee the operating uptime performance of your campaigns under any circumstances. Stay on the safe side keeping your private information safely guarded with AdsBridge.

Updates on a regular basis

We are constantly working hard at developing the platform and improving the overall system performance by adding new features.
Our goal is to provide you with the state-of-the-art tracking and TDS.

 Qualified support team

It’s in our own interests to offer you powerful support. Feel free to share all your suggestions on AdsBridge with our support team and be assured that they will be taken into consideration. Each time you give us your feedback, we improve our service platform.

Higher performance for instant monitoring

With AdsBridge, all the heavy statistics calculations are performed on our dedicated servers. The extended stats are available to view and export at any moment.
Devote as much of your time to monitoring your statistics as needed.

Advanced tracking technology

With our built-in tracking system, AdsBridge allows you to do monitor traffic without hiring expensive server administrators to track your traffic. We take care of all that stuff as well.
We track traffic and notify you if anything goes wrong.

We realize that the overall system performance speaks louder than words describing it. So give AdsBridge a try and learn more about affiliate marketing and profit!


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