March 11, 2016

AdsBridge — a universally applicable tracker for all types of business

For the recent years, the innovative technologies have boosted the online marketing by offering various instruments for efficient tracking. Quite frankly, the competition is harsh. However, AdsBridge tracker and traffic distribution system, unquestionably, gains popularity being a universally applicable solution regardless of a traffic type and business vertical.

Along with the standard set of tools for tracking, AdsBridge provides such unique features like: automatic campaign optimization, LP builder and hosting, extra-fast redirects, detailed reporting, alert notifications, traffic distribution with  16 target rules including the newly added rule by uniqueness, and a lot more that simplifies the process and helps to increase the revenue in any business.

AdsBridge will come in handy for affiliates and advertisers in such popular verticals as dating, mobile apps, native ads, and gambling. Those who work in online dating will appreciate the landing page builder with a library of preset templates that can be easily and quickly customized. Moreover, you can set multi-page LPs, host them on our side, split test them, and automatically optimize them in the long run. The speed of redirects is high, so your campaign efficiency gets even higher. Plus, AdsBridge has a multi-access and roles features for large teams enabling them to work under one account and set individual permits.

The same features are useful for running the native, nutra and gambling advertisement. In addition, when setting up native and nutra ad campaigns, you are able to use CPS offers, third party pixel, set the status conversion in the S2S postback, etc. And gambling affiliates will definitely like the new option for adding exit pop-ups on landers through LP editor (no more scripts, no headaches).  

Thus, for any business vertical, be it dating, gambling, mobile app installs, antivirus, or else, AdsBridge functionality will be enough to jumpstart your tracking and let you monetize traffic on-the-fly. All is covered for you with a clear design, handy interface, and tips.

And as a side note: when it comes to price, AdsBridge is probably the top choice on the market. Anyone can tweak and test the system absolutely for free, and then choose a pricing plan that fits them. Head over to the site and learn more about AdsBridge benefits. Start using it today and see higher clicks tomorrow!


The AdsBridge Team

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