January 29, 2016

Subscription policy updates

First and foremost, we’d like to thank you for being our client!

AdsBridge team work hard everyday to satisfy all our clients’ needs. We couldn’t have gone this far without the incredible support and feedback from all our customers. We are growing really fast and in order to provide the best quality services we have to change our pricing.  

We hope you’ll understand such changes are needed, as we move on with the tracker development and improvements, thus, we are determined to provide an accurate TDS data, user-friendly interface, guidelines, and best support while you are using our platform.

Please find the new price list below:

Basic – a 30-day free trial, 50,000 visits per month and 3 landing pages available.

Starter $29 per month, or $299 annually – 100,000 visits per month, online support, custom domains, 10 landing pages available.

Professional$89 per month and $899 annually – 1,000,000 visits per month, online support + access to maximum features.

Business $359 per month and $3,669 annually – 10,000,000 visits per month, online support + access to maximum features.

Enterprise $699 per month and $7,129 annually – 25,000,000 visits per month, online support + access to maximum features.

Exclusive is offered on special conditions. Please contact us.

Please note:
All limitations will apply from February 3 and new prices from February 10. Our Basic users will be able to continue testing our service using a 30-day free trial that will start right after their one-month subscription expires. And you still have a great chance to buy any pricing plan at a former price till February 10. AdsBridge subscribers who purchased their pricing plans till February 10 will be billed as before, and features will be provided according to the new terms of a plan.

You are sure to get the best service from AdsBridge as it opens more opportunities you won’t find anywhere else. You also can benefit from our referral program and generous commissions. Check here https://partner.adsbridge.com/referral/index and start using it today!

We appreciate your support and look forward to our continued partnership.
AdsBridge team.

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