March 02, 2016

AFFILIATES from China, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, India WANTED!

AdsBridge is a mobile and web tracker designed especially for affiliate marketers, agencies and advertisers to meet their ever-expanding need for a tracking solution that can optimize marketing process, and provide all the necessary tools for running successful campaigns.

Our company develops a new way of cooperation with affiliates from different countries, groups and communities.

We are interested in building business relations with affiliates, advertisers, media buyers and companies (namely from China, Brazil, Japan, Korea, Indonesia or India) that can help us to develop affiliate marketing tracking software in their areas.

In return, we offer exclusive referral commissions and other benefits that will be discussed individually. There are different ways of cooperation depending on your experience and peculiarities of your country and region.

We believe that dealing with professionals, we can create a strong and mutually beneficial partnership that will bring modern tracking software to a new level in affiliate marketing.

Please feel free to contact us for more information at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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