May 29, 2017

New! Targeting by State & City!

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

It just so happens that we have a brand new release to share with all of you today.

It’s no secret that the key to a successful advertising campaign is an accurate understanding of your target audience and exact targeting.

Today, we are pleased to present you with new traffic distribution capabilities that make it possible to identify your most relevant audience.

That being said, AdsBridge has added a additional targeting rules!

Targeting by State: 

Targeting by City:

Previously, AdsBridge targeted: traffic type, IP, OS, IPS and 14 other parameters, but was limited to targeting by country, as in the whole country.

Based on feedback provided by our regular users, the most effective type of targeting is targeting by cities.

This kind of targeting that allows you to specify in the ad that you, for example, deliver to New York or Los Angeles. This, respectively, positively affects user behavior.

Enjoy your Memorial Day!  

-Your AdsBridge Team

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