February 29, 2016

New Feature: Unique Redirect Rule

Another new feature released by AdsBridge is a traffic distribution rule by uniqueness. With the help of this rule, one and the same user, depending on whether he or she passed by this campaign URL or not, will be shown one landing/offer for the first time and another landing/offer for the second time. So, you are able to convert the same user several times.

You can set up this rule on the second step of campaign creation. In order to do it, press Add rule button in the Path field and choose Uniqueness from the drop-down list:


For this rule, you are able to choose two conditions: equal or not equal: 


The rule’s logic is as follows: if a user who clicks on a campaign URL is unique to this campaign (for the last 24 hours), he or she will land on a path set for a unique traffic. If not, then he or she will land on a different path.

The unique rule can be used in combination with other rules, and thus, it is possible to set up a more flexible funnel.

When using this rule you should pay attention to the following:

  • Uniqueness is determined with the help of a cookie. This means that if a user has turned off cookies in the browser, each time he or she clicks, the visit will be considered unique.
  • The uniqueness is considered within a campaign.
  • The cookie is set for 24 hours, after this period user’s next visit will be considered unique.
  • Since tracking is done by cookie, when you change a domain of your campaign, all users who already passed to it through an old domain will be considered unique (because the cookie is set on a domain).

We hope you’ll find these updates useful in your work and online business!

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