September 27, 2018

New Adsbridge Feature – Live Landing Pages in 30 Seconds

Have you heard of LanderBolt yet?

It’s a service that I believe is going to make managing landing pages a lot easier for a huge number of affiliates, and we’ll likely see the advent of a new standard in Tracking and Landing Pages

Once you see you can import from an ad Intelligence tool in a few seconds, have the landing page cleaned and available in a visual editor, then push it to your AdsBridge account for usage in a campaign — all without dealing with a landing page server… well, you can see how appealing this will be to the average affiliate who is testing lots of landers from the wild, right?

LanderBolt has made it easy and effective to pair up with AdsBridge and sync your landing pages without having to copy/paste. This saves a ton of time, and starting with working landing pages.

One thing that caught my eye was how effectively they cleaned landers on the fly and provided a visual editor to change them — this is one of those super time-consuming tasks affiliates have to go through, where you need to get rid of code that could be breaking the lander, stealing a % of traffic, or doing something else malicious.

If you are not a member already login into and signup for the 14 day free trial

Being able to take landers like this and visually edit them is great for people who are averse to coding or who don’t want to pay for a developer.

Here are the simple steps to connect AdsBridge and LanderBolt account


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