Must-have Tools in Your Affiliate Pocket
January 31, 2020

Must-have Tools in Your Affiliate Pocket

Recently, we have held a webinar in collaboration with Adplexity. In case you missed it, here is a possibility to re-watch the video. That will be useful for both the beginners and experienced affiliates.

Follow the video to find out the must-have tools in your affiliate pocket.

The webinar covers the following questions:
1. What to look for when choosing a tracker?
2. Why do many trackers fail and leave the market?
3. AdsBridge has been on the market for many years, what are key success factors?
4. Can I work without a tracker?
5. How much on average does a tracker cost per month for an ordinary affiliate?

Enjoy the webinar and you are welcome to leave a comment with your impressions!

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