April 06, 2018

The ultimate guide to avoid being banned from AdWords

Every affiliate who works with contextual advertising (PPC) at AdsWords and use tracker faces the problem with ban from their side. And this happens despite the fact that there are no tricky schemes!

In general, Adwords allows you to work with trackers, but with certain rules and conditions.

In this article we will tell you about these conditions, small points, that Google pays attention to and describe the settings that should be done at AdsBridge to avoid being banned.

First and the most important point is a domain. To work successfully with Google you need to use your custom domain, not the one provided by AdsBridge system. Why? Because the system domain has a test purpose and they are available for each AdsBridge user. Every affiliate creates their schemes, tests them and these schemes are not always “transparent”. That’s why AdsBridge system domains can be blacklisted by Google and be not allowed to use in AdWords.

The second important point is the presence of landing page in your campaign. It is important to have a landing page created right at AdsBridge (at HTML or visual editor). Why is that so important? The fact is that Adwords doesn’t allow any redirects and if you have direct offer in campaign here is what happens:

->  User clicks through your ad on Adwords;
->  Clicks through your campaign link;
->  He’s being redirected directly to offer.

This is redirect and even if it goes unnoticed Google see it and block your ads.

When you use landing page in campaign user is redirected directly to it and only if he clicks through CTA-button and get redirected to offer, in fact you are promoting a lander in AdWords, not offer. Adwords controls only the stage of a click through an ad and in this moment there should be no redirect.

So, to avoid being banned from Adwords you need to:

  1. Use custom domain in AdsBridge campaign (make sure it’s not blacklisted at Adwords);
  2. Use a landing page created with the help of AdsBridge editors in your campaigns.


  1. You use custom domain in campaigns, but do not use a landing page inside campaign.
  2. You use system domain and traffic goes through landing page.
  3. You use custom domain and self-hosted landing page.

Attention! If you want to set up an A/B test between “Direct link” and “Landing page” it will also lead to the ban.

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