How to become a successful affiliate? 2.0
May 06, 2020

How to become a successful affiliate? 2.0

In the last article, we introduced you to the main points that you need to work out to begin an affiliate career. Today we would like to draw your attention to the technical side of the issue. Theoretical knowledge and your personal creativity are all well and good, but you can’t do without some services. This article will briefly cover the main ones👇

Proxy Services

Awareness in some technical points will greatly facilitate the overall process. The proxy services will allow you to hide the real IP address by replacing it with the address of another computer, even if it is located at the farthest point on the globe. Proxies can be selected based on your goals. You can pass as different Internet providers and operators. These skills are useful to those craving to try ad network targeting, so only users of a particular operator will see ads.


If you want to disguise your landings from scrupulous moderators, hide the bundles from spy services or other affiliates, cloaking is used. Make a scrupulous investigation of this method and then you can apply different solutions depending on whether you are dealing with a bot or a person.

Defining of bot and fraud traffic

It is vitally important to be able to distinguish between fraud and bot traffic. Otherwise, a sudden loss of money is high. Bot traffic flooded the Internet and the affiliate has to pay for it in advertising networks. In order to reduce costs and increase ROI, you need to fluently determine this traffic, block it, and be able to prove it to the advertising network – this way they’ll take in the situation and return your money.

BTW, you can try AdsBridge bot-filter and Anti-fraud detector! We detect the bot traffic based on 10 metrics, such as


⚡️Frequent events 

⚡️Data centeres

⚡️Fake timezone

⚡️Misleading language 

⚡️Unrecognized devices 

⚡️Fast clickers 

⚡️Library robots 

⚡️Unrecognized user agent 

⚡️Without referer 

⚡️Unsupported OS versions 


!No additional fee is required. Both anti-fraud and bot-filters are included in all subscriptions and a 14day free trial.

The risks

The biggest fallacy in any business is the inflated expectations from the very first ads being arranged. Be patient and understand that you won’t be immediately flush with money. Take your time. Redefine your attitude to quick money-making. Conduct gap analysis of the affiliate program of choice, maybe you’ll come across certain discrepancies. 

At the start, avoid dealing with proven top offers. Actually, competing with giants is challenging. Dig out new offers, relaunch them setting non-trivial geo – all routes are open. 

You have to realize your interests may not meet the interests of your target audience. The wrong choice of TA is a definite failure. Technical errors are involved as well: the age of the target audience, geo, traffic sources, incorrect selection of text, and links. Each of these points resonates with a specific TA. Proficiency in accurate product promotion will come down the line.

The bottom line

We just opened the shroud of secrecy, and a whole new world of affiliate marketing awaits you. Now that the concept and the first steps no longer cause nervous tic, hassle-freely try yourself in it! Remember: clearly understand your goal, work hard and you will succeed!


Good luck in your new endeavors💙

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