Who are influencers?
April 02, 2020

Who are influencers?

There are a lot of well-known and widely-spread traffic sources where affiliates promote their offers: teaser networks, advertising platforms, social media (Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and so on), beloved Google AdWords, etc.

We prepared this article because we would like to provide you with fresh ideas and short guidance.

Who is an Influencer?

It is someone, who has a strong presence in social media and a big number of followers (opinion leader, blogger). In other words, he is popular among a wide group of people who trust his words. 

Why do you need him?


There is such term in sociology as “social proof”. It means that people are prone to believe other people than a product owner, who says that his product is the best. That’s why you use recommendations/comments/stories on your landing pages. 

When influencer talks about your offer, his audience is listening to him. They find your offer more attractive and the description of the product –  more truthful. 

Fresh look

No way we doubt your creativity! We are saying that influencers know their audience very well and can represent your offer from the unordinary point of view. By the way, you can make a note of such approach and use it in your further advertising campaigns. 

New target audience

In this case, word “target” has a broader meaning than usual. Not only GEO, device type, browser language, etc. but also theme. For example, if you promote a game of a certain genre, you can find a blogger who is keen on such kind of games and propose him to play it, making a live streaming for his audience. Now you can be sure that only interested audience will see your offer. 

Moreover, there are no guarantees that this influencer’s followers visit the websites, where your advertising network has placed your campaign link. Working with an influencer you get a key to a wider audience.

How can you find your Influencer?

Google Search

It’s not necessary to use such keywords as “cryptocurrency blogger”. It’s better to start with “How to earn with cryptocurrency?” You’ll find many articles which in general are written by…yes, influencers.

Social Media

We advise paying attention to the local social media too. 

Local Search engines

Yandex, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo!, and others.

Other tools 

Buzzsumo, zoomph.comizea.com, getlittlebird.com

NB! Be attentive when choosing an influencer:

  • study his audience meticulously, in order to get accurate numbers about his subscribers (exclude bots, fake followers);
  • ask for analytics of his website/profile; 
  • you need to be sure that he really represents the niche of your product. The more narrow speciality influencer has, the more target audience you reach through him. 

Useful tips from AdsBridge

Let’s consider the steps to start cooperation with influencers on the example of AdsBridge Diet&Weight Loss SmartLink.

The first thing to do is to study the details of SmartLink, such as which GEO gives better ECPM and focus on it. Choose 3-4 countries and start searching (see the paragraph How can you find your Influencer?). Use such keywords, as fitness, weight loss, health etc. Pay attention to the keywords and hashtags these bloggers use in their profiles or use a special tool. 

After you have made a list of the most suitable bloggers, studied their audience, sent your proposition to them, and agreed on the terms, create campaigns in AdsBridge with Diet&Weight Loss SmartLink for each influencer. 

Influencer’s page is a traffic source too and you need to track it. Create a campaign link in AdsBridge to be able to monitor the statistics and effectiveness of your cooperation. You can even create a subaccount for your influencer for free if he wants to run the campaign himself. 

The specification of the Smartlink lies in the rotation of many offers under one link. It means, that every visitor, who clicks the link will see an offer, targeted for his language and country. It is a good way of monetizing organic traffic. 


We wish you good luck in searching for your perfect influencer!

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