April 09, 2020

How to run campaigns in quarantine time?

Recent months for our ginormous planet appeared to be distinctively challenging because of unforeseen difficulties.

At such times, it is necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones from the danger around. Health experts hold to staying at home as the safest way to avoid consequences. AdsBridge team will gladly outline how remote work in modern conditions will bring the ultimate profit.

While the coronavirus has been feeling out its poisonous tentacles all across the globe, its outbreak irremediably affected the economy: businesses, struggling to stay afloat, have gotten an open-ended ticket to the country of forced isolation. The pandemic costed the global economy: failure of the complex supply chains of products, labor and trade markets suffering from comatose, people’s behavior has affected demand in general.


The global economy’s melancholy appeals not less than the incidence of disease and ways to cure it.

Much of the world is sitting at home, but is this actually that bad?

Switching off the universal panic, let’s carefully analyze how the pandemic impacted affiliate marketing.

Well, what verticals to convert?

Dating is Questionable

The lockdown suddenly forced people to reconsider their leisure under lock and key. All activities migrated to the online. CPA- offers about chilly dates simply precipitated out.

How affiliates could benefit? The WebCam and adult-content demand are to skyrocket, people want to relax during quarantine, – we recommend you consider the slightest fluctuations and immediately go getting busy. By the way, keep in mind the hourly attendance indices, unless, the source allows. Do not miss out on fruitful leads, because they are of great demand!

eCommerce – no dice

Many call centers pulled their plugs, and post-delivery works even worse than in the calm times. Socially responsible people really try to go out less. Groceries are a sheer bonanza gaining their momentum. Therefore, e-commerce is not that pot of gold to arrange traffic in.

Tourism caught the virus

Once someone sneezed in China and tourist niche out there caught a formidable fever. Transport operators went over like.

Gaming is rapidly gaining momentum

The pandemic has changed the usual business models, accelerating the digitalization process: the lion’s share of offline processes are implemented in cross-gadget mode … and no world collapse, as you see. Instead: the interaction is likely to be much more effective. A lot of verticals dived headlong into online. Fans of competitive sports jubilate – cyber-sports and online stream are of tremendous success. Gaming is empowered with an immense audience, so it’s high time to ride the prosperity wave!

Betting is losing its former power

Sports events are canceled everywhere, so betting has lost its energy. Fruitful gambling offers are your silver lining when aiming to satisfy betting enthusiasts. Offline betting zealots will definitely knock at your online door in a chase after gambling thrill. Various casino games are the best to live it up! That’s where you can safely deliver traffic!

Installs get their best

Sports clubs, art workshops are closed, but people still need to be physically and mentally fit, that’s why it’s no sweat to find a sheer plethora of sports, diet and streaming apps. Investigate these offers vigorously.

The final chords

The world situation is so uncertain, however better to be careful and not to hit a bad patch. Follow the advice of professionals, stay home and enhance the utmost safety. Lockdown is not about boredom, it’s all beneficial to affiliate marketing opportunities and to the joy of people. Testing the verticals waters, put an emphasis on entertainment. Run an impressive and bright advertising campaign. Launch a self-development campaign for curious ones craving to continue devouring knowledge without the need to poke their nose outside the cozy apartment. Online courses, workshops will be the peachy ones. Arrange the traffic and spare no resources!


Take care of yourselves and your relatives!

Your AdsBridge team?

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