May 04, 2023

Guide to Monthly cap

Monthly conversions cap*.  It is used on the same principle as the daily cap, if there are limits on the number of conversions per month (for example, 200) from the affiliate network, after which the quality of your traffic will be checked. In order not to check the number of remaining conversions every day, we suggest enabling this feature.

To activate this function, it is necessary to switch on the checkbox «Offer cap» and enter the necessary data in the fields «Time Zone», «Redirect to» and «Conversions cap».

  • «Redirect to» you need to choose the offer to which traffic will be redirected in case of reaching the limit of conversions on the first offert.
  • «Time Zone» – here you must select the time zone, which will be considered for the offer’s daily limit of conversions.
  • «Conversions cap» – specify the desired limit

Note. The limit is valid for one calendar month (for example, if you set the limit on the 10th day, the limit will be updated again on the 1st day of the next month).

After filling all the required fields, click «Save».

*This option is optional. The function is only available upon request. To get access contact your support manager.

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