February 10, 2021

Guide to Push Ads Traffic in 2021

An exciting plot twist happening to affiliate marketing as of late, surely apart from all this craziness the year was crammed with, was the advance of yet another fresh ad format – push notification. Besides, when you hear: push notification/push traffic/push ads – be sure, this is just the same. A red-hot form of a tried-and-true marketing approach. Modern variation allows promo materials to reach people through such kind of alerts.

To make everything crystal clear, the AdsBridge team shares the push traffic basics you should be aware of.

The idea of push notifications per se is nothing original. First, push marketing soared up in 2018 and keep engaging people showing up its simplicity and efficiency.

Push ads are any sort of notification you receive on your desktop through a browser or on your phone through an app. Nevertheless, not all these notifications are wanted or worth noting.

To make the concept closer, let’s get to the point.


Advantages of push ads

As the digital world is ever-evolving the consumption never stops. The best way to push the limits is innovate, of course. That’s how the push ads emerged.

However, what makes push ads so alluring?

  • They fit every type of campaign.
  • Sending push ads you reach organic audience in more direct way.
  • As users have shared their personal data while registering, and this means they really interested in. Simply enjoy top-quality responsive traffic to your offers.
  • Push ads supply global coverage so that you can envelop billions of interested users.
  • They are customizable. Add eye-catching visuals and consider time-sensitive campaigns.
  • They cover a wide range of customers’ goals.
  • A great deal of updates, messages, and additional alerts consumers really wait for.

Only start testing them out, and you’ll discover a myriad of alluring roads to implement push ads in your campaigns.


The leading push ad networks

Certainly, push ads are here to stay, but there exist hundreds of awesome networks to work with. By using the most renowned traffic sources, marketers are to reach better engagement and enhance their likelihood to success. As there is a profusion of services on the market, we hand-picked the greater ones to help you choose the most convenient.


  • Platform promotes offers for almost 500 mln users.
  • Top-quality and cost-effective campaigns.
  • All the optimization processes are automated.
  • The secured environment.


  • The platform helps in enhancing brand awareness and solid results relating to revenue.
  • Over 10 billion impressions month-by-month.
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Numerous models of bidding.


  • The platform is near to 15 billion impressions per month.
  • Supports CPC pricing model.
  • Enables affiliates to test over 10 various ad versions immediately.


  • The platform is one of the largest push traffic providers at the ecosystem.
  • Offers 2 traffic types including premium mode.
  • More opportunities for converting.
  • Profits are available to be withdrawn upon request.

Test the networks to find what fits you best.

What verticals fit best for push ads

Push traffic is considered the lowest hanging fruit for those who stand firmly on the affiliate ground and for newbies. The notifications should trigger emotions, entertain people, and be those right messages at the right time helping users solve their problems and challenges.

The performance of push notifications is nearly similar among a vast range of verticals, so you better choose niches with many customers.

A large number of users usually have needs in:

Leisure and traveling

Consumers usually have a lot of money to spend and they are constantly looking for improving the comfort of their leisure time. They buy or update equipment, gear, and accessories to make their traveling experience smoother. Affiliates can create eye-catching ads to spark intrigue and help people in finding new products.

Health, beauty, and nutrition

In their tireless chasing after dream body and living longer, people spend a lot of money. Another one insanely popular affiliate vertical as it allows affiliates to directly reach users without setting any alarms.

Medicine, self-care, cosmetics, weight-loss items, dietary supplements, wellness travel have proven their efficiency.


The unwavering reclaim around it is never ending. Many people meet their partners online. While other verticals tend to crash, dating proved its compatibility during COVID-19.




One of the largest and solid verticals. Endless sea of sales and promotions. A niche with an extensive affiliate partnership world. Keep in mind, that several offers may be short-passing due to their expiration date. Think about aggressive strategies to be head and shoulders ahead of your competitors.


Gamers never stop playing so they purchase new consoles, upgrade equipment, and buy new games.

VR, streaming services, gaming furniture for prolonged, comfortable sessions – the gaming niche keeps growing.

Finance (sweepstakes, gambling)

As people participate in contests with great pleasure, sweepstakes is thrilling and highly potential niche. An affiliate gains a fruitful commission when a user completes the registration process.

Gambling is pretty dynamic and constantly evolving sphere. Casino niche brings high-end results if properly operated.

Tips to create compelling push notification ads

Now you keep on top of push traffic fundamentals, it’s time to focus on detail. On the road to reaching high-end results, you have to refine each of its keynote components: an image, a title, and a text. Let your imagination flourish when crafting every new campaign.

Remember about catchy visuals

As most people are visual beings, the graphic is the first item that people notice. By choosing safe-and-tried but boring variants you risk people just swipe your push ad off their gadget screen without even a tiny attempt to read the content.

Meanwhile, too stodgy and patchy design will confuse your audience.

According to the latest statistics, icons show up even better response than images with real people.

Colors matter

As the red is a kind of warning signal it doesn’t fit well in the affiliate environment.

Currently, green-colored icons convert best since green associated with safeness.

Black and white gamut stands out from the multicolored competition.

Emojis are powerful

According to several studies, emojis boost CTR up to 25-40%. While picking emojis, make sure they fit your offer.

They fit best for services, retail, business, and finance, and on another note – not a good choice for tourism, hospitality and entertainment, health and fitness.

Generate powerful and original description

Seems it’s your time to shine. Consider the lack of space if you expect clicks rather than just reading. Effective ad description (up to 10 words) ensures surefire conversions.

If your visuals intrigued the audience, they surely click immediately. Then, your eye-catching title allured another one conversion wave. Those who remained indifferent would pay a certain attention to the description.

When crafting push ads, investigate the latest market trends.

A decent share of a care for the core elements will definitely match with a snowslide of verticals.

Test and optimize your push notifications

The easiest way to realize if your push notification campaign fits the requests of your targeted audience is testing.

You can start with sending two different notification versions to a certain segment of users and determine which version gains greater success.

Once different creatives are tested, it’s time to work on the optimization since it’s a crucial step when eliminating the parameters that failed to bring conversions.

The optimization allows you to:

  • study data obtained in the process of launching a campaign;
  • change creatives on time;
  • narrow down targeting criteria;
  • adjust significant specifications (click cap, CPS, etc.);
  • get rid of the low-performing parameters.

Wait out some time and if your campaign appears to be nonresponsive after 2-3 days, there is nothing to think about and optimize. There are several reasons: landing pages or creatives don’t resonate with users or ad network doesn’t convert several offers.

When you noticed up to 5 conversions, it’s time to launch optimization process. Normally it may happen on the first day of campaign but not necessarily. Sometimes, it takes more time.

To avoid chaotic optimization, gather quality data, and measure the effectiveness and manage your campaigns, take your time and look for upscale ad tracker.

Ad trackers take care of overall campaign management while you just bear fruit.

To summarize

The technological idea behind push ads may seem tricky but launching your very first push ad campaign is unexpectedly simple.

Push notifications empower with a myriad of opportunities and deliver tremendous performance especially if combined with the verticals listed above. Push messages greatly contribute to the benefits that your website or app provide to the users.

Keep in mind that to gain success you have to work hard and have resources as time and effort.


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