January 30, 2019

Free SSL certificate installation “in one click”

Dear Friends!

AdsBridge keeps on surprising and rejoicing its users with useful and necessary functions.

Please welcome a new functionality – Free SSL certificates in one click. Yes, it`s true! Now you can bind a certificate to a domain, bought through AdsBridge, just in one click.

Binding of SSL certificates to domains is indispensable for secure use of the Internet and data transmission for the time being. That`s why AdsBridge has made it possible to generate and bind SSL certificates to your domain in order to automate this process and to save your time. It also secures the connection of data transmission and generally simplifies certificates operation.


  • SSL certificates are free.   
  • Complete automation. You can simply click on the button and the whole process of certificate generation with necessary settings will be made automatically.
  • Unlim. The number of certificates is unlimited.
  • Time-saving. Now you don`t need to spend much time buying certificate in the external sources, bothering with any settings of generation and bind certificate at the hosting side – AdsBridge will do it for you!
  • Function uniqueness. AdsBridge is the only one of its kind tracker that for the time being makes it possible to generate and bind certificates to domains for free.
  • Data and connection security.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the simplicity and utility of this functionality!


How to generate and bind the certificate to your domain?

Choose a domain and click on the button “Enable SSL”.

That`s all! SSL certificate will be automatically generated and bound to your domain. When the whole process is done you`ll see a blue tick in the SSL status column.

Please note. You can use this functionality only for domains, that you have bought through your AdsBridge account.


Use the opportunities and functionality of AdsBridge to the maximum for an effective work!

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